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""Unlock 17A!""
―Tony Stark commanding F.R.I.D.A.Y. to release the suit.
Iron spider 17-A.png


17A is an armor, more commonly known as Iron Spider Armor, is an armor created by Tony Stark. It is an upgraded, next-gen, enhance many capabilities from the previous armor.


It's head has a dark metallic red, with the eyes now a little bluer than clear white. Inside there, there is an enhanced HUD. It come with a big, spider that their legs is like attached into the sleeves. Dark metallic blue like-shorts, & red metallic like-boots. It has now gauntlets which, however Peter rarely uses it.

Plus it has a sleeker, anti-suitable, so it's automatically attached to it's suitable size. It is designed in a Stark nano-tech to fight Thanos, & his armies in Endgame. History


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