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A.I.M. is a fictional organization in the Marvel Universe, introduced in Strange Tales #146. The organization consists of scientists whose goal to receive power, to then overthrow the government. A.I.M began in World War II at the directive of HYDRA. They eventually broke away from HYDRA to pursue their own agenda.

The organization supplies weapons and technology to various terrorist and subversive organizations, for profit and to foster technological revolutions that further advance their goals. Senior members are required to at least have a master's degree, if not a Ph.D, in some area of science, mathematics, or business.

AIM has numerous bases throughout the world, with numerous shell corporations and front companies to provide their funding.

Notable Members

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Scientist Supreme - The nominal leader of A.I.M., analogous to the Supreme Hydra or Cobra Commander. The Scientist Supreme oversees all of A.I.M.'s operations and commands all field operatives, and also chairs the group's seven member Board of Directors... alternately known as the High Council. Various individuals have held the position over time, and there is a very strict selection process whenever a new Scientist Supreme needs to be chosen: The candidate must possess considerable expertise in numerous scientific fields such as physics, chemistry, biology, robotics, cybernetics, and engineering. They must also already have a seat on the Board of Directors, and once they put their name forward, the other six must agree. That said, it is not unheard of for a Scientist Supreme to have seized power in a coup.

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Colin Anderson - Not a single individual, but actually a clone series. Clones from the Colin series all have the identity of Colin Anderson and are thus referred by number. Colins are often among the Scientist Supreme's most loyal operatives, and work in various mid-level functionary positions. Colins can serve as Division Supervisors, the CEO of a shell corporation that needs a public face, the middlemen for clients who cannot be trusted to meet the senior leadership face-to-face, or the dealers whenever they sell their weapons or technology to interested buyers. Others are "sold" to competing organizations to work as spies, or embedded into public service positions to act as sleeper agents. Thus far, three Colin series operatives have been seen: Colin Thirty-Three, Colin Forty-Four, and Colin Sixty.

Notable Creations

M.O.D.O.K. - Intended to serve as a mobile diagnostic computer with psionic capabilities, the test subject went mad from the process and rechrististened himself as a Mental Organization Designed Only for Killing. He has occasionally managed to wrest control of the organization from the Board of Directors.

Super-Adaptoid - An android capable of copying the powers, appearance, and equipment of any super-powered being that comes within close proximity to it. It has become one of the Avenger's toughest foes. It at one point even assumed a human identity of Alessandro Brennex and became Scientist Supreme.


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