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"Okay, remember, everyone Thanos snapped away five years ago... you’re just bringing them back to now, today. Don't change anything from the last five years."
―Iron Man to Hulk
The Blip was the occurrence in which Hulk wore Tony Stark's Nano Gauntlet. As Hulk snapped his fingers, the effects of Thanos' Snap on the universe were reversed, with the deceased half of its population being resurrected five years after their demise.


When all of the Infinity Stones were collected and returned to the present, the Avengers realized that Black Widow had sacrificed herself to gain the Soul Stone. Determined to not let Romanoff's sacrifice be in vain, Tony Stark, Rocket Raccoon, and Hulk began working on a new Gauntlet using Stark's nano technology but based on their knowledge of the Infinity Gauntlet that Thanos had used. Once it was completed, Rocket asked who was going to be the one to actually use it in order to reverse the Snap.

Once Iron Man, Rocket Raccoon, and Bruce Banner had completed assembly of the Nano Gauntlet, Thor volunteered to put wear the device, but the other Avengers refused him because he was neither physically able nor emotionally stable enough to wield such power. Bruce Banner warned his teammates that because of the Infinity Stones' unique gamma radiation signature, the Nano Gauntlet could kill anyone who tried to wear it, Thor included.

Banner volunteered himself, explaining that his body would have the best chance to have some resistance to the Stones' radiation and that this made him the most likely to survive using the Gauntlet for their plan. Readying themselves, Stark ordered F.R.I.D.A.Y. to initiate lockdown procedures across the facility in case the Gauntlet's energies proved to be too powerful to contain. Meanwhile, the alternate-2014 Nebula began covertly sabotaging the quantum time travel machine as Banner put on the Gauntlet.

Once worn, Banner channeled the power of the Stones through his body, severely scorching his right arm from his hand up to his shoulder in the process. Focusing to the best of his ability despite the intense pain, Banner screamed as he snapped his fingers, which ultimately resurrected everyone who was a direct victim of Thanos' Snap by safely returning them either to the specific location they disappeared at five years ago or the nearest safe alternative out of danger.


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