Dr. Bruce Banner, also known by his alter-ego as the Hulk, is a character that appears in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and was portrayed by a few different actors, the most famous of which is Mark Ruffalo.


Bruce is a middle-aged man of madness


He is a kind person, who has a light attitude to prevent him from having anger and eventually transforming to the Hulk. In The Avengers, he has stated that he is always angry. which is bollocks otherwise he'd always be the hulk

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

As The HulkEdit

Bruce Banner becomes very powerful when turning into the Hulk. #obvs-genius

Genius IntellectEdit

Bruce has a high level intellect almost like that of tony stark as shown in the first and 2nd avengers movie


The Incredible HulkEdit

The AvengersEdit

Iron Man 3Edit

Bruce made a cameo appearance in Iron Man 3 during the post-credits scene, listening to Tony as a Therapist to help him, while Tony recounts the events that occurred in the film.

The Avengers: Age of UltronEdit

Bruce is set to appear again in the upcoming sequel, The Avengers: Age of Ultron.


"What are we? We're not a team! No, we're a chemical mixture that makes chaos!... We're a time bomb."
―(The Avengers) Bruce Banner to the team in The Avengers.
"Puny God."
―(The Avengers) Hulk's Response After repeatedly smashing Loki.





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