Demon In a Bottle is a Marvel Comics storyline featuring Iron Man, spanning from issues #120 to #128 of Iron Man Vol 1.

Plot Summary

A previously unknown adversary reveals himself when an act of sabotage implicates Iron Man in a murder... but the true threat comes from within.

Detailed Synopsis

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  • First appearance of Justin Hammer.
  • Iron Man steps down as Chairman of the Avengers, placing Captain America in charge. From this point forward, the dominant image of the team is Cap as the leader.
  • Colonel Fury threatening to take Stark's technology away from him becomes a little bit more important later on.
  • This is a sort of last hurrah of sorts for the original incarnations of Blizzard and Melter, as both would would only make a few unceremonious appearances after this storyline before being unceremoniously killed. While the second Blizzard would become a mainstay in Iron Man's rogues gallery, the Melter would rarely reappear in any incarnation.


  • The writers of Iron Man 2 cited this storyline as an influence, particularly the sequence where Tony is drunkenly carousing during a party in his armor at his residence until Rhodey intervenes.
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