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"Don't Worry, Be Happy" is the twenty-second episode of Season 1 in the TV series, Iron Man: Armored Adventures.


In Gene’s limo, Gene, Pepper, Whitney, and Happy follow Iron Man (actually Rhodey, reluctantly trying the suit on Tony’s insistence) until he crashes. Rhodey abandons the suit, and Happy, finding it empty, puts it on. Tony tries to convince, then force, Happy to stop playing around, but Happy refuses, believing that he is communicating with the “robot” Iron Man.

When Happy crashes into a Tong treasury building, he finds Unicorn and Killer Shrike arming explosives to blow open the vault. Gene, as the Mandarin, protects Iron Man from Tong “ninja” troops, cementing their suspicions that he is an imposter. Whitney, as Madame Masque, slows the police response to the situation.

After a struggle, the villains admit they are working for Mr. Fix, and Tony realizes that the bombs are powerful enough to destroy the city. When Tony fails to defuse them, Happy saves the day by simply breaking the central bomb in half; meanwhile, Madame Masque, as Gene, convinces Pepper to run to safety. Finally, Happy takes off the suit when Tony claims that it is about to explode.




  • Armors:
    • Iron Man Armor Mark 1


  • New York


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