The Endo-Sym Armor is an armor that appears in the comics.


  • Model 50 - The latest development of Tony Stark, at the moment. The armor is a mixture of symbiotic and biological materials, it is literally costume symbiote. As part of the material for armor, namely "building-blocks of cells" were borrowed from the symbiote. In the normal state, the suit is in liquid form, but for psionic command, it fits wholly or partly the carrier body and solidifies.
  • Superhuman strength - The armor possesses the same type of strength as Iron Man's other suits, however it can be vastly amplified by adding more symbiotic materia to the frame. This grants it a Hulkbuster form easily capable of handling multiple suits of armor at once, including the World War Hulkbuster. Without this enhanced mode, it was capable of shaking a building with it's punches, one shotting Nomad, and puncture Teen Abomination's bulletproof skin.
  • Durability - The Endo-Sym's base durability has been shown capable of handling unrestrained lighting from the AXIS inverted Storm, take Kluh being punched into him by Apocalypse, and survive the explosion of Sol's Hammer, an incomplete Dyson Sphere weapon capable of powering a moon at one point (we do not know how much power was released by it's explosion though). When in Hulkbuster mode, it was able to shake off an assault from multiple Iron Man armors. It has rapid regeneration capability thanks to it's Symbiote base building blocks as well.
  • Shield - The Endo-Sym is shielded against both EMP and sonic attacks, and is also built with telepathic countermeasures similar to the Bleeding Edge armor.
  • Armament - Endo-Sym comes equipped with standard repulsor beams, capable of one-shotting energy absorbers like Havok, and even partially penetrating the shields of Magneto amped on Mutant Growth Hormone. Other armaments include a taser, shoulder rockets, and ability to use slivers of the suit to infiltrate enemies.


  • Tony Stark's latest armor, based off of his previous liquid smart metal technology as well as alien symbiote physiology, is controlled completely psionically. In this incarnation, Iron Man is evil due to the events of AXIS, acting as an Extremis engineer and dealer, hooking San Francisco on the virus. He is greed at its maximum, but operates as Lawful Evil.


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