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"You think you're so smart?"
―(Iron Man 3) Eric Savin to Tony Stark.

Eric Savin, was the secondary antagonist of the movie Iron Man 3, and was portrayed by actor James Badge Dale.

He was one of the many people in the movie that were disabled, or crippled by injuries, and was later hired by Aldrich Killian, to be tested and subjected by the Extremis Virus, to cure disabilities.

He was later able to survive the procedure, and became a powerful and known henchman to Aldrich. He is one of the Extremis Soldiers that were created by Aldrich, and followed him with his evil plan to dominate the world as the world's greatest and feared terrorist.


Eric Savin is semi-bald, and has white caucasian skin. He has a large forehead, which makes an M appearance when traced all the way to his hair.


Eric is loyal to Aldrich and follows any orders he gave him. This could be because Aldrich may have helped him in the past by injecting Extremis into him, and in return, returned the favor back by being one of his most loyal henchmen.

Powers & Abilities


As he was injected with Extremis he gained superhuman power like throwing flames or breathing fire.He can use his flame hands to melt almost everything. He has regenerative powers so when attacked he will heal.


Before Iron Man 3

Sometime before the events of Iron Man 3, Eric is injected with Extremis and becomes one of the most loyal henchman of Aldrich Killian.

Iron Man 3

Savin went with Aldrich to the Stark Industries building, as Aldrich was going to have a meeting with Pepper Potts. He assisted him as his bodyguard and waited outside the meeting room. While waiting he was called at by Happy Hogan, who told him to wear his Stark Industries security ID. Savin reluctantly agreed, while continuing to read a magazine, then greeting a personnel who was walking by him "Merry Christmas!"

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"Merry Christmas!"
―(Iron Man 3) Eric Savin greeting Merry Christmas to a person passing by him in the Stark Industries building.
"He's not here. Speaking of which, go fish!"
―(Iron Man 3) Eric Savin to Tony Stark about the people falling from the plane and President Ellis.

"Trevor Slattery is the mouth, Aldrich Killian is the Brain. I'm the Muscle."
―(Iron Man 3) Eric Savin talking about A.I.M..


  • Eric Savin was portrayed by James Badge Dale, in Iron Man 3.


  • Eric Savin has never been mentioned by his first name, and only called by his last name, Savin.


Iron Man 3


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