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After being confronted by Fury in the underground research lab, Erik starts working on cracking the mysteries of the Tesseract and harvesting the unlimited energy it contains. Months later, he creates a stabilizer which was used to stabilize the Tesseracts energy, but then turns into a portal for Loki to reach Earth.

When Loki arrives in the facility through the portal, Erik is brainwashed by Loki along with Clint Barton in the S.H.I.E.L.D. Headquarters. Selvig is commanded by Loki to build a wormhole to the Chitauri flagship with the Tesseract.

When Tony Stark arrives in the Mark VI suit, Selvig refuses to stop the Tesseract and Tony fires a repulsor blast at it, causing an explosion against its forcefield that knocks out Selvig and breaks Loki's mind control.

After waking up, he is met by Natasha Romanoff and informs her that he apparently had some control over himself as he was able to put in a way to shut down the wormhole: Loki's scepter. After Stark destroys the flagship with a nuclear missile and disables the Chitauri forces on Earth, Romanoff follows Selvig's instructions and successfully closes the wormhole.

Thor: The Dark World

After the events of The Avengers, Erik is recovering the effects of Loki's mind-control, and tries to get it off his head. He continues to help Jane find a way to reach Thor, and makes a stunning discovery at Stonehenge, in which he was running around naked, frightening the toruists. He was then apprehended by the police shortly after.


  • Stellan Skarsgard portrayed Erik Selvig in the Thor film franchise, as well as in The Avengers.


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