Extremis is an advanced form of genetic manipulation created by Maya Hansen andAldrich Killian, using nanotechnology. It grants the human body the ability to heal and regenerate from physical damages, deformities and even psychological damages. This also includes the regrowth of severed limbs in a very short timespan, various physical enhancements as well as an exothermic ability.


Extremis was created by Maya Hansen in 1999, with Tony Stark providing additional aid through a formula he deduced to help reduce the volatility while intoxicated. Maya and Aldrich Killian upgraded it thanks to Advanced Idea Mechanics providing funding for it to begin experimental testing. A.I.M. recruited amputees and other disabled people as test subjects, most notably the victims of military ops. Extremis cured their disabilities after which they were convinced to work for A.I.M. as assassins and soldiers. Near the end most if not all of the Extremis Soldiers were killed by the combined forces of Tony Stark, James Rhodes, and J.A.R.V.I.S.

Extremis was also used as the main component of the serum, designated by the clandestine organization Centipede, that combined it with Gamma Radiation, a variation of the Super Soldier Serum and technology from the Chitauri for injection, in an effort to create their own super soldiers.[2] The Extremis component was stabilized when Centipede recruited Chan Ho Yin/Scorch. Before his death, they were able to drain some of his blood from him; the platelets in his blood prevented him from being burned by his own pyrokinesis.[3] Mike Peterson, after recovering from being knocked out by an I.C.E.R., discovered that he was now stabilized.



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