The Extremis Soldiers are a group of people hired by Aldrich Killian to be subjected by the Extremis Virus, to test if the viruses flaws would be fixed.

The test subjects who survived the procedure and are stabilized, form the Extremis Soldiers, which serve as the army used by Aldrich for him to take over the world. The most notable Extremis Soldiers are Eric Savin, Ellen Brandt, Jack Taggart and Chad Davis.


  • David Samuels
  • Drew Grey


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Iron Man 3

Aldrich Killian injects many soldiers loyal to him (and himself) with Extremis and they gain super-powers, but some are unstable and explode, creating temperatures of 3,000 degrees Celsius (enough to vaporize anyone within a few feet instantly, leaving behind only ash outlines of the person). To disguise this, Killian creates "The Mandarin," a supposed terrorist doing the bombings while plotting to use Tony Stark to stabilize the effects of Extremis in the soldiers. Two, Eric Savin and Ellen Brandt are sent to capture Tony and James Rhodes though Brant is killed.

Savin is later sent to abduct the President using the captured Iron Patriot armor to kidnap the President and destroy Air Force One. Remote-controlling the Mark 42 suit, Tony is able to save 13 passengers and crew and kill Savin. After learning of where the soldiers and Killian are from Trevor Slattery, Rhodes and Stark travel there in a speedboat to rescue the President and Pepper Potts and deploy the Iron Legion to fight the soldiers. Despite several of the armors being destroyed in the battle, the sheer number prove too much for the Extremis Soldiers and they are killed including Killian.


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