Firebrand is a supervillain in a suit that not only has flamethrowers mounted on the wrists, it is also fire resistant. In Iron Man: Armored Adventures, he is classified as a demon. Firebrand guards the fourth Makulan Ring, one of the rings of the Mandarin.


Season 1Edit

World on FireEdit

When Tony, Pepper and Rhodey go in search of the ring, Pepper stumbles into a container of ice and knocks two shards of ice into the glowing beam of white light. Unwittingly, Pepper begins a test that would result in the ownership of the fourth Makulan Ring. This action brings forth the ring's guardian, Firebrand.

Each ring has a different test and a word to help the test taker to solve it. Rhodey is taken over (Firebrand covers him and controls his body, but doesn't go inside of Rhodey) by Firebrand, and attacks Tony with flames from his mouth and fireballs from his hands (where else?) Pepper tries to put two coal embers in the white light to counteract the ice shards, but that only succeds in bringing Firebrand screaming back in, taking over her instead.

Pepper goes after Tony, and leaves Rhodey to figure it all out. He calls Gene Khan, who is secretly the Mandarin. Gene figures out the key to the test, using the word "temperence", meaning "small amounts" or "equal amounts." Rhodey shoves the container of ice and the container of coal embers into the beam at the same time. Firebrand stops his tirade. After that, Firebrand never appeared again.


"Are you worthy?!"
― (Iron Man: Armored Adventures - World on Fire) Firebrand's only words when it controlled Rhodey and Pepper.


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