The Grappling Hook is a device that has claws or flukes used to "grapple" or cling against a particular object rendering it available for the user to hit, hold, connect, carry, lure, restrain or pull the said object closer or farther resulting in a certain advantage over distant positions. If the device is fastened with it's flukes and claws on a wall it can act as a suspension bridge or a fast rope. This gadget is one of the common features equipped to Tony's Iron Man suits, first seen in The Avengers from Iron Man. It was used by Tony Stark in Iron Man 3, taken from the Mark 42 for future use to knock out one of the guards at Trevor Slattery 's house.


The AvengersEdit

When Iron Man went to Stuttgart, Germany to help Captain America fight Loki he put the Mark VI in attack mode having the repulsor, missiles, and a grappling hook.

Iron Man 3Edit

When Tony was breaking in Trevor Slattery's House he brought ornament bombs, a Taser, a Nail Gun, an Electric Glove and a Grappling Hook.


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  • It was seen in The Avengers but it was not used.
  • Tony Stark took the Grappling Hook in Iron Man 3 from the Mark 42 for future use.



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