Ho Yinsen (film)


(Iron Man 3) Yinsen to Tony Stark during the Bern Switzerland Science Conference.Ah, Mr. Stark! Ho Yinsen. Nice to meet you.

Dr. Ho Yinsen was the man who saved Tony Stark's life by taking most of the shrapnel out of his heart, and fitting an electro-magnet powered by a car battery to prevent the rest penetrating his heart.

He was held hostage by the Ten Rings in a cave along with Tony to build weapons. However, he and Tony secretly built a large suit of armor, called the Mark I to make a getaway. When their plan was discovered too early, Yinsen bought time by chasing them with a G36C Assault Rifle.

However, he soon ran into over a dozen terrorists and he was fatally wounded. When Tony, now in the armor, caught up, Yinsen asked him to leave him there, as he wished to die and be reunited with his family in the afterlife, but not before reminding Tony not to waste his life.

As seen in Iron Man 3, Tony originally met Yinsen before the capture, but is likely he does not remember him; Yinsen, however, recalls their earlier meeting in Switzerland. This was the exact party Tony met and lied to Aldrich Killian.


Yinsen is a fairly tall and thin older man with light brown skin. He wears glasses, and is semi-bald. He has black hair around the sides of his head, and has greyish white hair on his chin. Yinsen has only been seen wearing a tuxedo in Iron Man 3 and a white and brown vest in the first Iron Man film.


Yinsen is a kind person and has a good heart towards people. He is a creative, intelligent surgeon who is talented and driven enough to attend events with the world's foremost researchers. Despite that, he lived with his family in the village of Gulmira, Afganistan.


December 31, 1999

Yinsen met Tony Stark in the New Year's eve of the year 1999 in a science conference in Bern Switzerland.

Iron Man 3

A Flashback

When Tony was talking to Dr. Bruce Banner (the frame for the whole movie), he recalls a flashback of an event that happened in 1999. Meeting scientists Maya Hansen and Aldrich Killian, doctor Ho Yinsen, and cardiologist Dr. Wu.


(Iron Man) Ho Yinsen to Tony Stark conversing about his life, during their time in the Afghanistan cave.So you're a man that has everything and nothing?

(Iron Man) Ho Yinsen's dying words, said to Tony Stark in the cave in Afghanistan.Don't waste it. Don't waste your life.

(Iron Man 3) Ho Yinsen introducing himself to Tony Stark.Mr. Stark! Ho Yinsen.

(Iron Man 3) Ho Yinsen to Tony Stark.Perhaps another time?


  • Ho Yinsen was portrayed by actor Shaun Toub in the movie, Iron Man, and reprised the role in Iron Man 3.


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