Industrial Revolution is a Marvel Comics storyline featuring Iron Man, spanning Iron Man: Legacy (vol 1) issues #6-#11. It is a prequel to Iron Monger.

Plot Summary

Tony Stark has hit rock bottom due to the machinations of Obadiah Stane. While his allies in the Illuminati debate whether or not to help him, Stark makes his way to the impoverished Imperio district of Los Angeles, where he hopes to rebuild his fortune, reputation, and the community with an ambitious new startup. Stark's crusade quickly draws the attention of Geoffrey Wilder, leader of the Pride, who is determined to destroy any threats to his criminal empire.

Detailed Synopsis

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  • Stark is wearing the Model 02 instead of the Mark I. However, it's underpowered and underfueled due to its lack of resources, which could possibly explain the need for him to repurpose it into a Mark I augmented with spare parts in the next storyline.
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