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The Infinity Stones are six powerful stones, each with different powers and are responsible for the creation of the universe itself.


  • Power - The Power Stone is a purple gem that contains said limitless amounts of energy; enough to create or destroy an entire universe. This Stone increases physique and durability to it's wielder and the ability to destroy entire planets by punching the ground creating a "World Sunder" as Ronan the Accuser claims in Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • Mind - The Mind Stone is a yellow gem that wields the power to control the minds of any who wields it. Granting immunity from illusion and mind control. This Stone was used by Vision. An entity with multiple minds to use the Stone to phase through matter and shoot extremely dangerous beams of light. It can also affect Visions mass and density, to make himself lighter, or heavier.
  • Time - The Time Stone is by far the most complex Stone to master. It has selective abilitys to trap oneself in a Time Loop as seen in Doctor Strange's first film. It has the ability to grant it's wielder to see possible futures and commonly used by 'The Ancient One' to use against the forces of Darkness. It was kept inside the eye of agamotto. Guarded by the sorcerers and Doctor Strange. It also has the common ability of reversing time to an infinite point.
  • Space - The space Stone is one of the easier stones to wield. As it is the item used by the tesseract, it can transport any user to any place in the universe. Shown As Thanos uses it to find the stones locations across the universe. It can also manipulate object and freeze them as shown in infinity war with Loki and the hulk-buster 2.0.
  • Soul - (Not Written Yet)
  • Reality - The realty stone has the power to cast an extremely powerful illusions, to the point where they are near very much real and can harm another person as seen in infinity war where Thanos turns rocks into a swarm of bats. It’s illusions are so powerful, it can even properly mimic death. It can also subdue a person my casting powerful illusions on their bodies, such as turning them into several stones, but the person is not actually dead, just stunned.


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