Iron Maiden (Melina Vostokoff) is a fictional Russian supervillain in the Marvel Comics Universe. She is most notably an enemy of the Black Widow.


Hired as an assassin for the Russian Goverment, Iron Maiden fought Black Widow formidably until S.H.I.E.L.D. agents arrived and put an end to the battle. She then joined The Femizons and became one of Superia's lieutenants.

Civil WarEdit

She was eventually apprehended and coerced into joining The Thundebolts during Civil War.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

The Iron Maiden is a master assassin, horticulturalist and spy. She wears a lightweight but strong metal suit that protects her from impacts, bullets and energy weapons. It appears to function as a form of exoskeleton, enhancing her strength to an unknown degree.

Other VersionsEdit

Ultimate MarvelEdit

Iron Maiden was a considered name for Black Widow  when she was given a black suit similar to Iron Man.


Iron Maiden is the alter ego of Tony Stark's sister, Antonia Stark.

Earth XEdit

A character with the same name plays a major role in the Earth X trilogy. She was a new character to this universe, without a known Earth-616 counterpart. A former employee of Reed Richards, she became encased in vibranium and was able to manipulate this armor into weapons. She was a servant of the Red Skull before his death, and was later revealed to have the ability to manipulate all of the Earth's vibranium.


  • Olivia Munn was supposed to portray Iron Maiden in Iron Man 2, then she recieved the role of Chess Roberts, then Iron Maiden's appearance was scrapped.


  • There is also a band called Iron Maiden.


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