Iron Man Wiki


This page contains the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) of the Iron Man Wiki.

What is the Iron Man Wiki about?

As stated in its name, the wiki is all about Iron Man and strives to have everything there is to know about the famous Marvel character, ranging from the Comics, Movies, TV Series, Games and etc.


Why are there article sections / pages with missing information?

Most of the articles with missing content were created to keep up with the necessary content needed for the wiki's growing database. Because of the influx of content and lack of active users, there are a lot of sections within the wiki that lack the necessary content for their respective pages.

If you see a section with missing content, we encourage that you edit it and fill out the information yourself if you know it! But please keep in mind that the content you write should come from reliable and credible sources.

A spam article was created with nonsense information. What do I do?

If you see an article with spam text (including gibberish, profanity and vandalism) with no relevance to the wiki's topic, then you may fix the content yourself and / or report it to the wiki's Content Moderators or Administrators in order to delete the inappropriate content and handle the situation.

User Pages

Why did I receive a notification / message after I made my first edit?

The notification that you receive is an automated message by the wiki's Administrators welcoming you into the wiki upon your making your first edit. You may reply to these threads if you need to ask for help from the wiki's staff.

Other users are editing and violating my user page. What do I do?

If other users are messing up your user page, please report it to the wiki's administrators so that they may help you with the problem.

Posts / Threads

Where can I ask a question about a topic?

If you wish to ask a question about a topic, we recommend you use the Discussions area and Post a Thread there for faster feedback from users' opinions and ideas.

I saw an inappropriate or spam post in the discussions area. What do I do?

If you see posts that have nonsense information, spam or gibberish content, please report the post so as to notify the wiki's administrators and discussions moderators in order to attend to the matter as soon as possible.


How do I find the Armor I'm looking for?

If you are looking for a specific armor in the wiki, use the Search system to find what you are looking for.

  • If you are looking for an armor from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, then search either it's Mark Number, Codename, or Armor / Suit Type and whatever link pops up will lead you to your desired page.
    • Ex. [Search] 1. (Mark 15) 2. (Sneaky) 3. Stealth Suit
  • If you are looking for an Iron Man Armor / Suit from the Marvel Comics Universe, otherwise known as Earth-616, search it by the name you may know the armor by. Similar links that popup are sure to lead you to the desired armor you wish to view.

Who are the Administrators / Staff in the wiki?

  • Infinity Storm Max (ISM)
    • Infinity323
    • Hail Storms Wrath
    • Maximus_Loo2012 (now known as Rewirism)
  • Killer365

What is I.S.M?

I.S.M. stands for Infinity Storm Max, three users in the wiki, Infinity323, Hail Storms Wrath, and Maximus_Loo2012 (now known as Rewirism) who teamed up and fixed this wiki during a time when it was messed up. All three are Administrators, Moderators and Rollbacks, and the whole team serves as the staff for site, with the addition of Killer365 who is a semi-active, non-ISM solo staff member.

Hail Storms Wrath, also known simply as Hail Storm is the leader of ISM, and is the most active member of the team. Both Infinity and Max are the teams co-leaders, and are Semi-active in the wiki.

If you have any problems or are in need of help navigating and editing around, feel free to message either any of us. We will be glad to help you in any possible way we can.