Iron Manual was a 32-page one-shot comic released by Marvel Comics in 1993. It predominantly consists of technical diagrams and explanations of the Neo-Classic Armor, but also touches on the Space Armor, Stealth Armor, Deep Sea Armor, and War Machine, among other topics. This comic was included in its entirety in the 2008 Iron Manual collection.


  • The "Suit Maturation" pages (comparing the different armors up through War Machine) contain two notable coloring errors. Both the Stealth Armor and the Silver Centurion Armor are shown as red-and-gold, rather than black and red-and-silver, respectively. These errors were not corrected when this comic was collected in Iron Manual (2008).


  • While the title in the indicia was Iron Manual, the title on the cover was The Iron Manual.


  • There are no current trivia available on this topic, as of the moment.


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