Iron Manual was a trade paperback comics collection, released in 2008, collecting Iron Manual, All-New Iron Manual, Marvel Spotlight: Iron Man Movie, and material from Iron Man/Force Works Collector's Preview, along with new material. It contains extensive character biographies, armor listings, and histories of Iron Man and related characters.


  • The "Suit Maturation" pages (comparing the different armors up through War Machine) contain two notable coloring errors. Both the Stealth Armor and the Silver Centurion Armor are shown as red-and-gold, rather than black and red-and-silver, respectively. (These errors are carryovers from the original Iron Manual (1993).)


  • The All-New Iron Manual gives the Hulkbuster Armor the name "Model 14". In this collection, the Hulkbuster Armor was edited to have the name "Model 13, Hulkbuster". As a result, all the armors after that one have different numbers in the two books. E.g., the Hypervelocity Armor is "Model 29" in the All-New Iron Manual, and "Model 28" in this collection.


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