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"I never had a taste for this sort of thing. But I must admit, I am deeply enjoying the suit!"
―(Iron Man) Obadiah Stane commenting on his armor while talking to Tony Stark.

The Iron Monger Armor was built by Obadiah Stane. The armor's design was heavily based on the Mark I, thus having a similar resemblance to the the original armor.

Armor Design

The Iron Monger Armor is based on the Mark I but is twice its size, bulkier, and has many more weapons. It has a large circular Arc Reactor in the middle of its chest piece. Its color is blue like the original Iron Man suits. The helmet is nearly the same as the Mark I's helmet. 


Machine Gun

Mounted on the right forearm, The Machine Gun is capable of sustained fire due rotary 6 barrel design. The caliber of the rounds used are unknown. Presumably between 20-30 mm.

Missile Launcher

Iron mongers Missile Launcher is the strongest item of the armors weaponry. It uses a Targeting System built into the suit enabling for aiming.

Rocket Launcher

The Iron Monger has Rockets equipped to the side of the armor's arm. The armor's Rocket Launcher has a self-loading mechanism with enables the suit to fire once a new rocket is loaded.


Iron Man

After taking out the Ten Rings terrorist group and stealing the remains of the Mark I suit from them, Obadiah Stane had the Iron Monger suit built based off the Mark I.

When Pepper Potts and S.H.I.E.L.D. agents led by Phil Coulson tried to stop him, Stane donned the Iron Monger suit, using Tony Stark's stolen Mark II Arc Reactor to power it. Tony, in the Mark III suit, powered by his original Mark I Reactor fights him, but is no match for Iron Monger in his underpowered armor.

Finally, Pepper Potts overloads the Stark Industries Arc Reactor, causing an electrical surge that knocks out power to the suit. It then falls into the Arc Reactor which explodes, destroying the suit and killing Stane.

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Other Media

Lego Marvel Avengers

The Iron Monger Armor is a playable, and an unlock-able armor appears in the game. This armor is located at the Malibu, the first one being Mark I, then the other Mark V. To get this armor, a lump of dirt can be located at the beach, before the beside of the shore, and near at the palm tree. When you see this, you need one character that can Dig the dirt (Black Panther) after digging the dirt, you found the panel. Just destroy the panel and you collect the Iron Monger.


  • The Iron Monger Armor was introduced in the first Iron Man film.


  • Unlike its comic counterpart, it is about twice Iron Man's size
  • It is vulnerable to extreme weather A.K.A the "Icing Problem."
  • The armor's greatest weakness its under its neck, where most of the armor's cables are located, including the Tracking system cable that is ripped off by Tony Stark using the Mark III.
  • Despite having repulsors on it's hands and the Arc Reactor on its chest, it can't fire repulsor blasts or the Uni-beam blast


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