Ivan Vanko is a character that appears in the TV series, Iron Man: Armored Adventures. He was voiced by actor Mark Oliver.


Ivan has blonde hair and wore a white suit white black linings that had Project Pegasus' logo.


Ivan Vanko was a kind hearted person who worked for Project Pegasus and tried to achieve and complete their mission in outer space using the Crimson Dynamo armor.

After he was abandoned and left to die after the accident, he vowed revenge against his best friend Anton Harkov who made the decision to leave him stranded on the surface of the sun, even after he begged for his help.


Season 1Edit

Iron Man vs. the Crimson DynamoEdit

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―(Iron Man: Armored Adventures - Iron Man vs. the Crimson Dynamo) Ivan Vanko calling out to Anton Harkov for his revenge.


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  • Ivan Vanko was only featured in this episode throughout the whole series, and never appeared in any future episodes after.


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