The Jericho Missile was a deadly weapon created by Tony Stark, and manufactured under his famous multi-billion dollar company, Stark Industries. It is a missile, and is the first of his weapons to use the newly created Repulsor technology.


It is a missile that has the ability to separate into 18 smaller missiles when fired into the air. Each missile will spread out across the area, and upon hitting the ground, it will explode and take some time before a bigger explosion occurs, and after a shockwave will ensue after the following event. it may say 16 in the comic or movie but there are clearly 18 bombs there


Iron Man (film)

The Jericho Missile was first seen at the start of the movie during Tony Stark's weapons demonstration to the U.S. Military in Afghanistan. After the demonstration, the rest of the missile used to demonstrate during the demonstration was taken by the Ten Rings, and it was later destroyed by Tony using the Iron Man suit, in the later part of the movie.


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