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The Mark 49 (Mark XLIX), also known as the Rescue Mark I, is Tony Stark's forty-ninth Iron Man Armor designed for Pepper Potts that appeared in Avengers: Endgame.

First and maybe the last Female armor designed by Tony Stark for use by Pepper Potts. Featuring advanced and unique design featuring modified and smaller Iron Man's new generation of heart Arc Reactor.

Armor Design

The Suit features blue and gold color scheme with silver exostructure exposed throughout. The construction features sleek design similar to Iron Man Mark L armor. Similarly to War Machine Mark IV it features a Backpack unit. Featuring 20 Micro-RTs giving the suit advanced power distribution. Primarily designed for Search and Rescue Operations the armor also can be utilized for Combat.

Armor Features


The Rescue Mark I suit features smaller version of Arc reactor of the Iron Man Mark LXXXV despite this the Rescue armor is made out of Gold-Titanium Alloy and does not support nano-tech features.

Collapsible Helmet

Like the New Generation of Iron Man and War Machine (since Mark IV) armors this suit features a collapsible helmet.

Infra Scan

Since Iron Man Mark XLIII The armor Features Infra Scan technology as well as Thermo/X-Ray scanning feature Like Iron Man Mark LXXXV.

Backpack Unit

This armor features Backpack unit similar to War Machine Mark IV. Once deployed armor plates covering inner part of the unit works as flaps as well as micro-repulsor thrusters giving the armor stabilized flight and hover while giving High level firepower.

Autonomous Energy Displacers

The suit features Autonomous Energy Displacers similar to Iron Man Mark L displacer sentries which are deployed from Backpack Unit Giving the armor High level Firepower. The energy blast is capable of penetrating Chitauri leviathan's armor and kill it in one blast.


Repulsors: Standard on all Iron Man and War Machine armors. This suit's repulsors are on par to ones used by Mark LXXXV. Like Mark LXXXV's unibeam these repulsors can produce energy or plasma blasts.

Unibeam: Also standard on all Iron Man armors. On par to Mark LXXXV's unibeam.

Autonomous Energy Displacer Pack: Two three piece energy displacer arrays capable of producing high-power energy blasts. These feature micro-repulsor thrusters allowing them to keep up with Rescue in combat as well as Independent targeting system allowing them engage targets without pilot's imput. Can be summoned in front of palm repulsors to amplify the blast.


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