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The Thorbuster Armor (Model 23), was an armor that appeared in the spiderman Comics of the Comics Universe, that was published by Marvel and created by Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, Don Heck and Jack Kirby.

Tony Stark created and used the Thorbuster Armor to fight Thor during the period when Thor attempted to rule all of Earth. It combined Stark's technology with Asgardian magic, and its design was based upon Thor's enemy, the Destroyer.

Armor Design

It's design was based upon Thor's enemy, The Destroyer.

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  • The armor was powered by an Asgardian mystical element. Everything from flight to life support utilized the magical energy. A facemask could be lowered for additional protection. If need be the wearer could eject and use a normal Iron Man armor.

Experimental "Type X" repulsors could be used to boost the armor's punches in addition to the standard blast. The uni-beam fired large bursts of energy. Also impervious to any kinds of harm except, oddly enough, Thor.

The Asgardian Crystal empowers the armor and allows it to absorb and manipulate Asgardian energies effectively giving him Odin Force. It was even able to stop Mjolnir in mid-flight. 



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