The Iron Man Armor Model 29 (Model XXIX), also known as the Hypervelocity Armor, is an armor that appeared in the Iron Man Comics of the Marvel Comics Universe, which was published and created by Marvel Comics.

This armor was created by Tony Stark, and up to update, is the fastest armor ever known. Having a super fast speed, like light and time.

Armor Design

Model 29 has a unique design. Red is the dominant color of the armor, while the armor's face-plate is colored gold like every other regular Iron Man Armor.


The Invincible Iron Man

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  • This is the fastest known armor used and created by Tony in the comics.
  • This is also the armor designed to scan and make a digital copy of Tony's brain while he wears it. In the event that he dies while in the armor, it's programmed to continue fighting as if he was piloting it. This phenomena has been dubbed the "Avalon protocol" by fans.


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