The Iron Man Armor Model 33 (Model XXXIII), also known as the Subterranean Digger Argo Armor, was an armor that appeared in the Iron Man comics of the Marvel Comics Universe, that was published and created by Marvel Comics.

It was created by Tony Stark, and was part of the group of armors called the Argonauts. This was the biggest armor of the Argonauts, as well as the biggest armor of all armors that Tony has created. With the Phoenix-Buster Armor being the second biggest, next to it.

Armor Design

The 'Digger' armor was massive at approximately twenty-five feet in height and approximately 100 tons in weight. Despite its imposing stature, it was not apparently designed for combat but rescue operations; it was capable at tunnelling through the earth at great speed. This was thanks to its helmet, which was composed of Antarctic Vibranium, which dissolves any metal and presumably also metal compounds. It is possible it was as large as it was to accomodate multiple people inside it to evacuate them from deep underground.


The 'Digger' was created, along with the other four Argonaut drones, to augment Iron Man's Extremis-based control powers. When Tony Stark became mind-controlled by Ho Yinsen's vengeful son, it was deployed to destroy oil fields in the Middle East by creating a network of tunnels, ultimately breaking through the water table to turn the Gulf into a sea of fire. It was fought to a standstill by the Fantastic Four before being flown to the edge of space by Iron Man, and then dropped and ultimately turn into a weapon against the Battlefield Argonaut, destroying them both.


  • Iron Man Volume 4
    • Iron Man Volume 4 #11
    • Iron Man Volume 4 #12


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