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Ponytail Express, as Tony Stark calls him, worked for Aldrich Killian and was an operative of A.I.M.


Guarding Tony Stark

Tony Stark's Escape

Given the task of guarding Tony Stark when he had been captured by Aldrich Killian, Ponytail Express found himself being annoyed by the clicking of Stark's Dora the Explorer watch and smashed it on the ground, with Stark claiming that it belonged to his friend's little sister and vowed to kill Ponytail Express as a result. Stark then began questioning Ponytail Express on how far Tennessee was from Miami which he answered instantly, which impressed Stark while Ponytail Express acted smug.

Ponytail Express then watched as Stark claimed he would be freeing himself and killing him very soon while making strange hand gestures and advising them both to leave, which confused him. Eventually however the Iron Man Armor: Mark XLII burst into the room piece by piece, allowing Stark to fight back against his two guards. Although Ponytail Express still attempted to fight back, he was eventually overpowered and knocked out as Stark made his escape.



  • A.I.M.
    • Aldrich Killian - Boss


  • Tony Stark/Iron Man


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