Spymaster is a Marvel Comics supervillain who frequently clases with Iron Man. A legacy character, three characters have assumed the identity, with at least one individual serving as a decoy.


The Spymaster armor and persona was created by the Taskmaster and awarded to the valedictorian of his Espionage Elite training program. When a Spymaster falls in battle, the Taskmaster trains someone else to take his place, with one notable exception: If a Spymaster is assassinated by someone seeking to claim the title for themselves, then the Taskmaster figures the assassin has earned it.

The original Spymaster's identity was unknown, but he had used Theodore Calloway as a de facto civilian identity. As the original captain of the Espionage Elite, Calloway and his team was hired by the Zodiac organization in several campaigns against Iron Man and Daredevil. After the fall of Zodiac and most of the Espionage Elite being captured, Calloway worked primarily as a solo operative. He was hired by a renegade branch of SHIELD to assassinate Tony Stark - he only failed in this task because he killed a Life Model Decoy and not the real Stark. He was next hired by Advanced Idea Mechanics to infiltrate Stark Industries. Using the name Jake Jordan, he applied for a security position, and impressed Happy Hogan with his boxing skills. He managed to copy blueprints of an experimental space station (the same one that Whiplash was working on during his time as "Mark Scott") and the "S-Chip" technology utilized by the various Iron Man armors. After giving A.I.M. the blueprints, Calloway doubled his profit margin by also sending copies of the blueprints to Justin Hammer. Calloway was next hired by Accutech to take out Ghost, who had been sabotaging their operations. However, Calloway figured that taking on someone as insane as Ghost would be suicide, so he had an expendable proxy, Mark Sharen, serve as a decoy. Surely enough, Sharen tracked down Ghost, only to be cornered by Iron Man, believing him to be Calloway. Desperate to avoid being captured, Sharen naively trusted Ghost, who killed him once they had escaped from the Armored Avenger. Calloway retired from costumed villainy, opting to become a black marketeer.

With the Spymaster believed to be dead, the Taskmaster hosted another training program to determine a worthy successor. The graduate was a man named Nathan Lemon.

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