Stark Industries, currently known as Stark Enterprises, is a multi-billion dollar business owned and run by billionaire Anthony Edward "Tony" Stark. It is formerly named Stark International, Stane International, Stark Innovations and Stark/Fujikawa.

The company appears in stories published by Marvel Comics and exists in that company's shared universe, known as the Marvel Universe. It first appeared in Tales of Suspense #40 and was founded by Howard Stark, Tony's father. According to Forbes 25 largest fictional companies, it had an estimated sales of $20.3 billion.

In the film version of Iron Man, Stark Industries has a logo similar to that of Lockheed Martin and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange as SIA. During the press conference scene, Stark is seen entering a building that resembles the entrance to Lockheed Martin's Skunkworks facility.


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