Stark Industries (SIA), also known as Stark International, or Stark Enterprises, is a multi-billion dollar company that manufactures and distributes highly advanced technology weapons to international companies, especially the U.S. Military. It is owned by Tony Stark, and formerly by his father Howard Stark.





  • Stark Industries Phone
  • Stark Medical Scanner


Before Iron Man

The company was founded and created by Howard Stark.

Iron Man (film)

Stark Industries was formerly owned by Howard Stark and was passed on to his son, Tony Stark, together with his former partner in business, Obadiah Stane.

Iron Man 2

Tony gave Pepper Potts the position of CEO for Stark Industries.

Iron Man 3

Happy Hogan is appointed the Head of Security of Stark Industries.


  • Stark Industries was based on the company of the same name in the comics, which was also owned by Howard and Tony Stark.


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