The Stark Mansion, also known as Tony Stark's Malibu Mansion, or simply the Malibu Mansion, is an advanced and modernized mansion created and owned by Tony Stark. It is where he lives, along with his personal assistant and now current girlfriend, Pepper Potts, as well as his personal friend Happy Hogan, with his advanced personal computerized A.I., J.A.R.V.I.S..

The mansion is Tony's private property. It has since been home to Tony Stark ever since he inherited his father's company and became a business man. The house has been damaged once and finally destroyed in Iron Man 3.

The interior has a very modern minimalistic and high-tech design as well. The Interior sometimes changes through the course of the movies

Notable FeaturesEdit

Hall of ArmorsEdit

Tony created the first Hall of Armors in his garage, and it has become a focal point of interest in the house.


Before Iron ManEdit

Tony Stark's mansion already existed before the film.

Iron Man (film)Edit

Tony's mansion was already high tech.

Iron Man 2Edit

In the sequel the mansion had some few additional changes especially the new addition of his Hall of Armors. The mansion had some minor damages from Tony and Rhodey's fight.

Iron Man 3Edit

Tony's Mansion has been improved since the last movie, the interior furniture has been changed and so is his hall of suits in his garage which in the previous iron man film there was only 4 suits in the hall and now there are 7 of them.

The house was also destroyed by the Mandarin's forces, after Tony issues a threat against them. After the attack, nothing of the house is left, except for small parts of the base, and the Cellar Halls, also known as the basement, where the extension of the Hall of Armors is hidden.


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  • In Iron Man and the subsquent sequels , Tony's Mansion is located at Point Dume at the edge of the cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. (Point Dume is actually a protected piece of promontory located in Malibu and construction was not allowed there.)  



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