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Tales of Suspense is a comic book series published by Marvel Comics from 1959-1968. Although it started out as a science fiction/horror anthology, the emerging popularity of superheroes led to such characters being featured regularly, eventually pushing out the non-superhero suspense stories. Iron Man first appeared in #39, and was a regular feature until the series ended. Captain America appeared in the Iron Man story in #58 and had his own feature from #59 until the series ended with #99, after which Tales of Suspense was retitled Captain America.


Captured by terrorists, Tony Stark together with physicist Ho Yinsen, build a suit of armor to aid Stark in his chest injury and to escape captivity from the terrorists.


  • Iron Man's adventures after #99 continued in Iron Man and Sub-Mariner #1, and then in Iron Man(volume 1).


  • Iron man's suit has jet skates attached it, which he uses in Issue 45 to drive on highways
  • In issue 44 Cleopatra falls in love with Iron man, after he travels back in time.
  • In issue 44 he uses tiny wheels to be thrust forward to destroy the enemy Pharahos Army


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