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"The Makluan Invasion Part 2: Unite!" is the last episode of Season 2 and the series finale of the TV series, Iron Man: Armored Adventures.


Iron Man's friends and allies unite against impossible odds to prevent the utter destruction of the Earth at the hands of the Makluan Overlord along the way rescue tries repeatedly to tell him how she feels about him but tony didn't have time to listen after a heated battle they defeat the overlord and gene reclaims the rings while the others destroy the reactor core mandarin then returns things to normal and disappeared in the end pepper aka tony to talk on top of a building and as she's about to say it he merely took the helmet off and kissed her passionately much to her shock they then hold each other hands tightly and tony stated he knew how she felt all along and was just waiting for the right moment to say it p she was shocked but smiled and asked then can we keep doing that tony merely replied with pleasure before the two embrace in a warm kiss and hug.




  • Armors:
    • Iron Man Armor Mark 2
    • War Machine Armor
    • Rescue Armor
    • Space Armor



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