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"We create our own demons"
―Tony's speech in Iron Man 3

Anthony Edward Stark, Or Tony Stark for short is known as Iron Man. Tony is a billionaire, genius, former playboy, philantropist and is also well-known as famous superhero Iron Man, owns Stark Industries - formerly acting as its CEO - lives in his house in Malibu, and is one of the founding and lead members of The Avengers.



Tony is a middle-aged man of average height. He is American, has Caucasian skin, and brown eyes. He has black hair, which is mostly kept in a rough-edged manner on some occasions, especially when he works.

He is very well groomed when it comes to special occasions, and he usually wears either very formal or simple clothing in a way that matches his wealth. Tony has a mustache that runs all the way down to his cheeks, then straight to his chin making an enclosed form, with a small goatee as well on his upper chin.

In the films, Tony has been seen wearing many types of clothing, one of which is his famous Black Sabbath shirt, which is a black shirt with the name of the famous old band called Black Sabbath, a band in the Real World.

Other clothing he has worn include a black tuxedo, a white tuxedo, and other clothing.

Special Suit

In Iron Man 3, Tony makes a special type of shirt to go with the all the new suits that he has created. It is presumed to be made out of drifit, and other strong materials, as it could withstand heat and blasts and was very durable as seen in the movie.

This shirt, was mainly colored dark blue, with grey on the sleeves and the collar portion of the shirt. As seen in the film, it was thin enough to allow the light of his Vibranium Arc Reactor to pass through, allowing it to be connected to his armor more easily.

So far, this clothing has been the signature clothing for Tony, and has been the best one yet seen as far as the films go.


While initially a carefree playboy, throughout the series, Tony's personality changes through the actions of Iron Man, becoming a more serious and caring character, though remaining charismatic.

Tony drinking some Vegetable Juice.

Tony has a problem when being handed "things". As seen in the films, whenever he is being handed something, he asks to have the item placed somewhere or handed to a trusted person, as he does not like being handed things.

He is also loves to drink Vegetable Juice every morning as seen in the first two Iron Man films.

Powers & Abilities

Without Armor

Captain America: Big man in a suit of armor. Take that off and what are you?

Tony: Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist.

-Tony Stark and Captain America arguing in The Avengers.

Tony has very high-level intellect. He attended MIT and graduated summa cum laude (with the highest honors) at age 17. During his undergraduate education he worked on robotics and developed the clumsy armed robot seen in his garage throughout the films, and won a robotics competition at MIT with it. He knows almost everything when it comes to science and technology. He is a professional engineer, and can create, fix or tinker with any kind of mechanical device. Tony also likes to describe himself as a "Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist" when Cap questions what he "is" without his armor.

As Iron Man

As the armored superhero, Iron Man, Tony gains several abilities while wearing the armor, all of which have a wide range and variety for any situation he is present in.

  • Superhuman Strength:
    When using his Iron Man suits, Tony gains incredible amounts of strength. Able to lift up cars, trucks, heavy objects and debris, as well as destroy a lot of things.
  • Superhuman Speed:
    Tony can fly at very extreme speeds, with the highest known recorded speed being over the excess of Mach 5, using the Mark 40.
  • Flight:
    Tony has proprietory repulsors on his hand gauntlets, his boots and occasionally other parts of his armor, which allows him to achieve flight and venture to any place he desires, including higher parts of the atmosphere.
  • Heavy Firepower:
    When in his armor, Tony has access to a variety of weapons and other firepower that he can use at his own will.


Tony has a wide range and variety of equipment, especially with technology, in which he holds and creates the most advanced technological weapons and devices available on earth from his own multi-billion dollar company, Stark Industries. (Note: Marks 51-84 are missing)

Iron Man Suits


  • Makeshift Bombs: In Iron Man, Tony and Ho Yinsen created a makeshift bomb to buy them time to bring the Mark I armor online. They set it on the door of their cell and it killed two terrorists when they opened the door. In Iron Man 3, Tony created another makeshift bomb to kill Ellen Brandt out of a microwave, dog tags, and a gas valve.
  • Ornament Bombs: After advice from Harley Keener, Tony made bombs out of ornaments to use in his infiltration of The Mandarin's house. He used them all getting in.
  • Nail Gun: After advice from Harley Keener, Tony created a powerful nail gun to infiltrate the Mandarin's house and used up all of the nails along the way.
  • Taser: After advice from Harley Keener, Tony created a makeshift taser to infiltrate the Mandarin's house.
  • Guns: In Iron Man 3 when he has no access to armor such as when he's held captive and infiltrating the Roxoo Norcon oil rig, Tony uses a variety of guns, but proves to be a lousy shot unless his target is right in front of him.

Personal Life

As a billionaire and a former playboy, Tony has a very high profile regarding his personal life. Tony owns fourteen cars, most of which are sports and old fashioned types. He also has two unnamed bikes, and also lives in his large mansion in Malibu, California, which is commonly referred to as the Malibu Mansion. Tony owns a company called Stark Industries, directly inherited from his father. 


Tony has several occupations as well in his life. His main one is being the super hero known as Iron Man. Other than saving the world from crimes and evil, Tony has a very famous and well known occupation as his normal self. Tony is famous for his industrial work, and as an Industrial Business man and Entrepreneur.

  • Iron Man: As Iron Man, Tony is known as a famous and powerful super hero.
  • Industrial Businessman & Entrepreneur: Tony's main occupation is being an industrial business man and entrepreneur.
  • Weapons Supplier: Tony was formerly the main weapons supplier to the United States Military. He would supply them with powerful weapons and advanced technology. An example of which was the Jericho Missile. However he quit being a weapons supplier following the severe heart injury he had in Iron Man.

Cars Owned

Tony owns about 14 cars throughout the course of the movie series. Below are the list of cars he's owned so far in the film series.

Stark Industries

Tony owns the multi-billion dollar company, inherited directly from his father. Tony was formerly the CEO of his company and headed everything the company does, before relinquishing his position to Pepper Potts (he still maintains a high level of authority within the company, however). He creates designs for the products of the company and is the president of the board.

Below lists all of the products Tony designed and created for Stark Industries.

  • Products Designed and Created:


Tony has a vast amount of relationships with a lot of people, ranging from all those closest to him - such as his family and friends - up to the famous celebrities in the world.

All of Tony's important and known relationships are listed below.

  • James Rhodes: Rhodey is Tony's best friend. The two met a long time before the events of the first Iron Man film. Rhodey is protective of Tony and he serves as the liaison between Tony and the US Military, who want Tony's armor for their own use and purpose.
  • Pepper Potts: Pepper was formerly Tony's assistant until they started a relationship. Tony found a love for Pepper, since she was one of the few people in his life. Over the course of the film franchise, the relationship between Tony and Pepper grew but were sometimes strained because of some of the actions Tony did being Iron Man. In Iron Man 3, Pepper finally becomes Tony's girlfriend and she moves in with Tony in his house. Prior to the events of Captain America: Civil War, however, they broke up due to Tony's obsession with his Iron Man persona. They would eventually reconcile prior to the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming, with Tony proposing (off-screen) during a press conference, and they later married and had a daughter, Morgan, during the events of Avengers: Endgame.
  • Howard Stark: Tony's relationship with his father was cold and strained. Tony did not talk much with his father, as he was busy and always working. Howard was presumed to have never spent any time with his son and always made sure that Tony stayed away from his work. Tony would describe his father as "cold and calculating" and that he never said he loved him, and he never said he cared about him. Tony later discovered a video in which his father had admitted to loving him greatly and left him a clue to a new element derived from the Space Stone which managed to save Tony's life. Following this, Tony's opinion of his father improved somewhat, to the point that, when he went back in time to 1970 and ended up accidentally bumping into Howard during his mission, he hugged and thanked the man.
  • Maria Stark: Maria is Tony's mother. Although little was seen of their relationship, they had a very good one. Upon discovering that James "Bucky" Barnes had murdered his mother, he attempted to attack and likely kill the super soldier out of revenge, despite knowing Barnes was not in control of his actions during the event. This shows he was blinded by rage at the news that the man before him had been the one to kill Maria.
  • Obadiah Stane: Obadiah was jealous of Tony, being the heir to lead Stark Industries. He had long planned to overthrown Tony and claim the company as his own. Acting as Tony's guide and mentoring him, Tony had no clue Obadiah was the mastermind behind his ambush and terrorist capture. Obadiah's true side was revealed when he took Tony's Arc Reactor and left him to die.
  • Aldrich Killian: A man who Tony met on New Year's Eve 1999. Tony promised to meet him on the roof to discuss his plans but blew him off, leading to Killian's desperation and villainy. Killian attempted to kill him several times, kidnapping and nearly killing Pepper in the process before she ultimately killed him instead.
  • Maya Hansen: Tony had only met Maya during the Science Conference in Switzerland, and he already grew a relationship with her. The two quickly liked each other, after Maya showed Tony her research. Tony had sex with her overnight after New Year's Eve of 1999. He later accused her of losing her soul to help Killian and she attempted to save him from Killian as a result. It resulted in her death.
  • Ivan Vanko: Ivan Vanko hated Tony for what Howard Stark did to his family. He repeatedly tried to kill Tony but was defeated by Tony and James Rhodes.
  • Ho Yinsen: Yinsen was the man who saved Tony's life when he was near-death after shrapnel from a bomb was lodged in his chest. Yinsen removed some of the shrapnel and installed an electromagnet that Tony used until he managed to get the rest of the shrapnel removed. Yinsen became his friend and assistant in building the first Arc Reactor and the Mark I suit. Yinsen sacrificed himself to allow Tony to escape and asked Tony not to waste his life. Tony took his words to heart, stopping selling weapons, becoming Iron Man and even saving Yinsen's village from the Ten Rings.
  • Happy Hogan: Happy Hogan was a close friend and employee of Tony's, acting first as his personal bodyguard and later as his personal chauffeur and head of security at Stark Industries. Tony was deeply shaken when Happy was severely injured after he was caught in the explosion of Jack Taggart (an Extremis user). While Happy was very proud of his position as Head of Security, Tony often teased him about it. Tony later trusted Happy to keep tabs on Peter Parker, and had also entrusted him with an engagement ring he planned to eventually propose to Pepper with, which Happy stated he had been carrying around for years.
  • Trevor Slattery: Slattery was an actor who posed as the Mandarin during the events of Iron Man 3. His job was to take credit for the explosions caused by Extremis users, passing them off as terrorist attacks by the Ten Rings. After Tony and Colonel James Rhodes broke into the supposed Mandarin's home and held Slattery at gunpoint, the man conceded out of fear that he was just an actor and immediately gave up important information about Killian's plans, and Tony and Rhodes displayed disdain at his blatant cowardice.
  • Peter Parker: Deducing the young man was secretly Spider-Man in his spare time, Tony went to meet with him. They bonded over their scientific backgrounds, with Tony becoming something of a father figure/mentor to Peter. He recruited the teenager to help with the airport battle in Berlin, fashioning a newer, better suit for him, and cared enough about him to save his life on more than one occasion. He was distraught after the events of Avengers: Infinity War, having held the boy who was as good as a son to him as he died and turned to dust; it was ultimately the thought of bringing Peter back that convinced Tony to try to bring everyone back via time travel, as suggested by Scott Lang, Natasha Romanoff, and Steve Rogers. Peter was shown to be just as distraught as Tony following the death of his mentor.
  • Morgan Stark: Morgan was the daughter of Pepper Potts and Tony. Born sometime during the time jump in Avengers: Endgame, she and her father seemed very close and liked to joke around together, e.g. when Tony joked about selling Morgan's toys if she didn't stay in bed. Tony showed faux-pride when bragging to Pepper that Morgan loved him "3000" ("you were somewhere in the low 600-900 range"), and went on to use this line during his recorded message for Morgan following his death.


Early Life

Anthony "Tony" Stark was born in 1970 to Howard and Maria Stark. As his father was the founder of Stark Industries, the main weapons supplier to the United States Military, Tony was the sole heir to the legacy of the company.

When he was four years old, Tony built his first Circuit Board. Three years later, when he was seven, he built his very first Engine. Years after, when he was seventeen, Tony graduated at MIT at the top of his class.

Tony was an engineering prodigy. His relationship with his father was strained and estranged. In 1991, Tony's parents died in a car crash, and his father's partner, Obadiah Stane, took temporary control of Stark Industries.

At the age of 21, Tony returned to inherit his father's company, and became both famous for his professional life, and infamous for his partying, alcoholic, and playboy-like personal life.

New Years Eve of 1999

"Oh! I finally met a man called Ho."
―(Iron Man 3) Tony when meeting Ho Yinsen.

In December 31, 1999, Tony attended a Science Conference in Bern, Switzerland, during which he met a scientist paramour named Maya Hansen, and quickly developed a relationship with her. After the conference, he also met Afghan physicist Ho Yinsen, along with a Cardiologist named Dr. Wu.

When Tony arrived in the Hotel Lobby with Maya, he met a crippled scientist named Aldrich Killian, who invited Tony to join his "Privately Funded Think Tank" called A.I.M.. Tony ignored the offer, instead enjoying his New Year and spending it with Maya, humiliating Killian.

Iron Man

Present Life

Tony talking to Rhodey after he was given his award.

Years later in 2008, a presentation about Tony plays on-screen to wide audience of celebrities. Meanwhile, Tony plays in a Casino while he misses out his awarding ceremony. As Rhodey presents Tony's award, he fails to show up. Obadiah Stane then takes his place and gives a speech. He ends with, "You know the best thing about Tony is also the worst thing. He's always working." After this, Tony can be seen throwing dice as he scores another win in his game.

The Ambush

36 hours later, somewhere within a deserted place in Afghanistan, three Military convoys are headed back to their base. One of the trucks carry the famous billionaire and industrialist, Tony Stark. Within his truck, Tony tries to talk to the other soldiers to try and break the silence. Suddenly the convoy comes under attack and the soldiers are killed while Tony is seriously wounded by shrapnel from an RPG. His attackers take him captive and then make a broadcast about the event to Obadiah Stane.

Wounded and Captured

Tony is captured by a terrorist group named the Ten Rings. Shrapnel from a bomb is embedded in his heart. The only thing keeping him alive is a car battery attached to a electromagnet. Incarcerated, Tony learns that many of his weapons are somehow in the hands of these terrorists and that they want him to provide them with the devastating Jericho Missile.

Initially despondent at the idea that he will soon die whether or not he builds the missile, fellow captive Ho Yinsen convinces Tony not to give up and he starts working to escape. He first builds a Minature Arc Reactor to power his electromagnet and then works on creating the Mark I armor. The Ten Rings' leader Raza realizes he's up to something and gives him only a day to complete the missile.

Escaping From Captivity

Having less than 24 hours to build the Jericho Missile, Tony wastes no time trying to finish building his powerful Mark I armor. Together with the help of Yinsen, Tony works overnight building the armor's metal platings and systems, starting with the armor's face mask, and ending with the attachment of the body armor and systems. Together, they succeed in finishing the Mark I armor, but run out of time to power it up, so Yinsen distracts the guards. This buys Tony enough time to finish putting the armor on and he fights his way through the cave, killing many of the Ten Rings and finding a mortally wounded Yinsen who asks Tony not to waste his life before dying. Tony makes his way out of the cave and, under heavy fire, destroys the Ten Rings' weapons stockpile before flying off. He soon crashes and his armor is destroyed, but Rhodey finds and rescues him in the desert.

Return to America

After being escorted back to America, Tony calls a press conference in which he declares that as a result of his experience, Stark Industries will no longer make and sell weapons. This causes great outrage and stock prices drop. Obadiah Stane convinces Tony to stay out of the spotlight while he handles things with the company. Tony considers using Arc Reactor technology to replace weapons for the company's production and with the help of Pepper, he installs a new, more powerful Arc Reactor to power his electromagnet.

Refining the Iron Man Armor

Taking Yinsen's last request to not let his life go to waste to heart, Tony decides to continue designing armors. Deciding that in the right hands, specifically his own, his new armor technology could do great good in the world, Tony tries and fails to entice Rhodey into joining him and sets to work on upgrading his Mark I design to become the new Mark II armor. While working on repulsors to act as flight stabilizers, Tony discovers that they can also be used as a weapon.

As Tony works, Obadiah Stane informs him that the Board of Directors has filed an injunction to lock him out in order to keep working on weapons. Tony brushes this off and goes back to work on his armor. After several successful tests with just his new flight systems, Tony takes the Mark II armor on a full-scale test and besides icing up when he gets too high and accidentally crashing through two floors of his own house when landing, it is a success.

Tony then designs the Mark III armor to deal with the glitches in the Mark II and as J.A.R.V.I.S. works on building the Mark III, Tony learns from a news report that he's not been invited to his annual fireman's charity ball and goes.

Becoming Iron Man

At the ball, Tony dances with and nearly kisses Pepper but, while getting them drinks, is approached by Christine Everhart, who reveals that his weapons are still being sold and shows him pictures of Yinsen's village Gulmira with boxes of weapons clearly marked Stark Industries.

Tony confronts Obadiah Stane who not only admits to selling weapons to terrorists, but that he was the one that locked Tony out of his company. Later, watching a news report on the situation in Gulmira and recognizing the terrorists as his captors, the Ten Rings, Tony decides to take action and after testing out the weapons properties of his repulsors, he dons the Mark III suit and travels to Gulmira.

There, he takes out the terrorists terrorizing the villagers and leaves their leader, Abu Bakaar, at the villagers' mercy. Tony then goes after the weapons stockpiles and destroys them and a tank. His presence and actions are detected by the Air Force and they dispatch two F-22s to stop him. After a brief confrontation with the jets, Tony calls Rhodey to get him to call off the fighters but accidentally destroys one in the process, forcing the pilot to eject. While the other jet is still ordered to engage despite Rhodey's efforts to stop them, when Tony saves the ejected pilot from death, the attack is called off.

Confronting Stane

Feeling the need to make up for the damage his weapons do, Tony asks Pepper to hack into the company servers and find out where else they shipped weapons to so he can destroy those too. Pepper initially refuses and quits, but Tony explains his motives and how he feels its the right thing to do, Pepper agrees, telling him that he's all she has too. Later that night, Stane paralyzes Tony with a sonic device as Pepper calls him and reveals that he was the one that hired the Ten Rings to kill him.

Stane tells Tony he was using him all the time for his ideas and that when he tried to have him killed, he worried that he was getting rid of his idea source, but that Tony came up with one final thing that will perfect weapons technology and allow them to reign supreme: the Arc Reactor. Stane, needing the Arc Reactor to power his Iron Monger suit as his scientists couldn't duplicate the technology, steals it from Tony's chest and leaves a helpless Tony to die.

Weak, Tony makes his way to his lab where he tries to reach his Mark I Reactor which Pepper has put into a display. Though he fails, DUM-E gives it to him and he is able to install it. Found soon afterwards by Rhodey, Tony dons the Mark III once more to stop Stane and orders Rhodey to keep fighters out of his way. Calling Pepper, she tells him Stane has gone insane and is then attacked by Stane in his Iron Monger suit which he donned after Pepper brought Phil Coulson and S.H.I.E.L.D. agents to stop him. Tony, warned by J.A.R.V.I.S. that with the Mark I Reactor he has less than 50% power, arrives just in time to save Pepper and engages Iron Monger in battle.

With Stane's superior suit and his dwindling power supply, Tony has a hard time against Stane. After saving a family in a van from being killed in Stane's efforts to take him out, Tony leads the fight high into the atmosphere where Stane's suit ices up as he didn't know about or correct for the problem Tony discovered with the Mark II suit. Tony knocks Stane from the air, but runs out of power and barely manages to land on the roof of Stark Industries on back-up power.

Realizing that he can't defeat Stane, Tony calls Pepper and orders her to overload the factory's Arc Reactor and blast the roof with energy on his order once he's off of it. Stane attacks Tony while he's distracted, attempting to crush him, but Tony breaks free by distracting him with flares. Tony then rips out Stane's HUD and weapon's targeting systems while he's distracted, but Stane throws him onto the skylight then repeatedly tries to blast him with machine guns and missiles, getting closer each time. With no other choice, Tony orders Pepper to activate the blast even though he is in the way.

The blast throws Tony to safety on another part of the roof while the Iron Monger suit is fried and Stane knocked unconscious. Stane and the Iron Monger suit fall into the Arc Reactor which explodes, destroying the suit and killing Stane. Tony is knocked out and his Arc Reactor temporarily knocked off-line, but he recovers.

Accepting His Role

Tony builds himself a new Mark III Miniature Arc Reactor to replace the one destroyed with the Iron Monger suit and is prepared for a press conference by Pepper and Agent Phil Coulson of S.H.I.E.L.D.. Coulson gives him a cover story that he was on his yacht far away with many witnesses while Stane was on vacation and died in a plane crash while what the press have dubbed Iron Man was a bodyguard of his.

Tony flirts with Pepper, reminding her of the night they danced at the ball until she reminds him that he left her waiting for him on the roof. As Tony starts to address the press, Christine Everhart questions the story about Iron Man being a bodyguard. Tony at first defends that he is not the hero type, but ultimately admits that he is Iron Man to the shock of the press.

Returning home, Tony finds Nick Fury, director of S.H.I.E.L.D. who tells him that he is not the only super hero in the world and that he wants to discuss "The Avengers Initiative."

Iron Man 2

The Stark Expo Opening

Six months after he revealed himself as Iron Man, Tony's actions as a super hero have caused peace to break out across the world. Wanting to fulfill his father Howard's legacy, Tony reopens the Stark Expo for the first time since 1974 to bring scientists from around the world together to share ideas all year. Tony arrives at the Expo by dropping in from a plane in his Mark IV suit and gives a speech about the Expo before playing a video recorded by his father before the last Stark Expo. Having discovered that his Palladium Arc Reactor is slowly poisoning him, Tony checks his blood toxicity levels to discover that it has reached 19%. After the speech, Tony leaves, signing autographs only to be met by a process server named Marsha at his car who has a subpoena for him to appear before the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Attending the Senate Meeting

Following the subpoena, Tony attends the Senate hearing where Senator Stern demands he hand over the Iron Man technology, which he refers to as a weapon, to the government. Tony refuses, stating that it is not a weapon and calling it a prosthesis. Senator Stern brings in Tony's rival Justin Hammer of Hammer Industries to testify on how they need the technology. Hammer claims that Tony is not a shield which they should hide behind. Stern then calls in Rhodey to testify how in his report he claimed that Tony as Iron Man is dangerous as he has no national allegiances which his technology falls under. Rhodey goes on to testify - against Stern's wishes - that he had also stated that he saw Iron Man as an asset that should be utilized and worked with, not taken. Stern tries to use images of attempts to create Iron Man suits by other people, but Tony hacks into the system and shows how the efforts by Iran, North Korea and even Hammer Industries are dismal failures. After Tony tells the committee that everyone else is years away from copying his technology, Stern, humiliated, calls an end to the proceedings.

Returning Home

At home, Tony is greeted by J.A.R.V.I.S. who reveals that his use of the Iron Man armor is increasing his Palladium poisoning. Tony's blood toxicity levels are now up to 24% and his Arc Reactor core has burned out. Tony replaces with it a new core, commenting that he is burning through them fast while J.A.R.V.I.S. tells him that he has tested every known element to replace Palladium as his power source, but none are viable. As a result, the very thing that is keeping Tony alive is slowly killing him as well. As Tony is drinking an organic drink to alleviate the symptoms of the poisoning, Pepper arrives to berate Tony for donating their entire collection of modern art to the Boy Scouts and for reopening the Stark Expo which she sees as him stroking his own ego. As Pepper tries to demand his attention for things that the company needs done, Tony tells Pepper to handle it and makes her CEO so that he'll have a successor that he can trust when he dies, though he doesn't tell her that, simply saying that she's the best choice he could think of to succeed him and that the company is now boring to him. Pepper is left clearly touched by his actions. The next day, while Tony is boxing with Happy, Pepper arrives with Natalie Rushman from Legal for him to officially sign the company over to her. Tony is attracted to Natalie, especially after she easily beats Happy in the ring and considers her as his new assistant to replace Pepper.


Tony travels to Monaco on vacation to visit the Grand Prix there and while at the hotel, he reveals to an annoyed Pepper that he has hired Natalie Rushman as his new assistant. He meets up with Justin Hammer and Christine Everhart and reveals his previous relationship with Christine to Justin who tries to flaunt the fact that she is doing a news article on him to Tony. Tony further embarrasses Hammer by publicly revealing that his contract with the government has been revoked before going to the bathroom to check his blood toxicity levels. Discovering that it has now reached 53%, Tony enters the Grand Prix as a driver to the shock of everyone, especially Pepper. During the race, Tony encounters Ivan Vanko who destroys his car and repeatedly attacks him with electro-whips. Tony dodges the attacks until Pepper and Happy rescue him by ramming Vanko with their car. Despite Vanko's repeated attacks, Tony manages to retrieve the Mark V suit from Pepper and don it. However, Vanko's electro-whips prove powerful enough to damage the armor and deflect his repulsor blasts. Vanko snares Tony in his whips, but Tony uses them to reel in and throw down Vanko. Tony then removes Vanko's power supply, defeating him and he is arrested yelling to Tony "you lose." Tony is shocked to discover that the power source, which he quickly destroys, is another Arc Reactor.

Visiting Vanko

Wanting answers, Tony visits Vanko in prison. Vanko calls Tony a thief from a family of thieves and tells him that the Arc Reactor technology he used came from his father Anton Vanko who Vanko claims is the reason Tony is still alive. Tony points out that he's still alive because Vanko missed his chance to kill him, but Vanko tells him he did that on purpose to show the world that Tony is not invincible. He plans to sit back and watch as Tony's enemies descend on him and destroy him. As Tony leaves, Vanko reveals his knowledge of Tony's condition, telling him that "Palladium in the chest is a painful way to die."

On the way home, Tony cooks Pepper dinner and mutes an interview with Senator Stern who uses Vanko's actions as proof that the Iron Man technology is out there despite Tony's assurances and furthers his demands that Tony turn it over to the government. Wanting to enjoy the time he has left, Tony tries to convince Pepper to go to Venice instead of home and to his birthday party so he can enjoy himself, dodging her questions about what's wrong. However, Pepper refuses, citing her new position as having too many responsibilities to do it.

Investigating Vanko and meeting with Rhodey

Returning home, Tony has J.A.R.V.I.S. investigate Anton Vanko and learns that he is a Soviet physicist who defected in 1963 only to be deported in 1967 after accusations of espionage. J.A.R.V.I.S. identifies Ivan Vanko as his son and also a physicist who sold Soviet plutonium and spent 15 years in prison for it though J.A.R.V.I.S. is unable to find anything more on them. As Tony contemplates this, Rhodey arrives, demanding answers from Tony as people are panicking over the revelation that someone else has Iron Man technology and he had to stop the National Guard from coming and taking the armors. Tony has Rhodey, who notices the infected veins on his neck from his Palladium poisoning, help him install a new core in his Arc Reactor. Tony asks Rhodey to trust him to handle it.

Tony's Birthday

Learning that his blood toxicity levels have reached 89% and he now has a week to live, Tony takes Natalie's suggestion of enjoying the time he has left and gets drunk at his birthday party while wearing the Mark IV suit. Pepper tries to stop the party as Tony is out of control, but he refuses and after he starts blasting objects out of the air and endangering people's lives, Rhodey dons the Mark II to stop him. Tony doesn't take his friend seriously and they end up fighting through Tony's house, damaging it and scaring off the guests. Finally, Tony and Rhodey end up in a stalemate when they fire their repulsors at each other, creating a massive explosion. A disgusted Rhodey then flies off in the Mark II to deliver it to the military as Tony is no longer fit to protect the world.

Meeting with Nick Fury

The next morning, Tony is eating donuts in the giant donut of a donut shop when Nick Fury, Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. arrives and has a meeting with him in the shop. Fury reveals that "Natalie Rushman" is actually a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent named Natasha Romanoff who has been following him since he got sick. Fury has Romanoff inject Tony with lithium dioxide which deals with some of his symptoms, though it isn't a cure for Tony's condition. When Tony insists that there is no element in existence that can work instead of Palladium and insists that he has tried everything, Fury tells him there is something he hasn't tried.

Moving the meeting to the Stark Mansion, Fury tells Tony that the Arc Reactor technology is incomplete and his father discovered something that would make the energy race outstrip the arms race and make nuclear energy look insignificant. Fury explains that Anton Vanko was his father's partner in developing the Arc Reactor but when he tried to make profit off of it, Howard had him deported. When Vanko couldn't give the Russians the technology, they sent him to Siberia where he spent the rest of his life in a vodka-fueled rage which was bad to raise his son in. Fury tells Stark that Howard told him that Tony was the only one with the knowledge and resources to create this new energy source which Tony finds hard to believe as his father was very distant to him. Fury reveals that he knew Howard well as he was a founding member of S.H.I.E.L.D. and leaves, leaving Tony with a case of his father's stuff and Agent Phil Coulson to ensure he keeps on track.

Rediscovering Vibranium

Tony starts to work on trying to figure out what his father discovered, going through his notes and old videos from the crate Nick Fury gave him but has no luck in figuring things out. To his surprise, the videos contain a message from his father who tells him that the diorama of the 1974 Stark Expo represents more than just the inventions being displayed of other inventors, but the key to his life's work. Howard tells Tony that he created it for Tony but is limited in his ability to use his discoveries by the technology of his time but that Tony will be able to pick up where he left off and change the world. Howard ends his message by telling Tony that he is Howard's greatest creation, something that stuns and touches Tony as he didn't believe Howard cared about him at all.

Escaping from his house, Tony travels to Stark Industries, picking up strawberries for Pepper along the way. Tony tries to make up with Pepper but she is not interested and he is surprised to find her and Agent Romanoff getting along well. As Tony starts to leave, he notices something about the 1974 Stark Expo diorama which is in the office and entitled "the key to the future is here" and takes it home with him.

Studying a holographic projection of the diorama with the help of J.A.R.V.I.S., Tony realizes that part of it resembles an atom. Tony realizes what his father's discovery is: a new element. Assembling the protons and neutrons based off of the pavilions of the Expo, Tony successfully rediscovers the element Vibranium which J.A.R.V.I.S. determines is a viable alternative for Palladium but believes is impossible to synthesize. Tony however is determined and begins building a miniature particle accelerator to try. As he works, Agent Phil Coulson approaches him to demand answers about him leaving. Tony is annoyed that Coulson is after him about that so long after it happened and is pleased to learn that Coulson is being reassigned to New Mexico. Tony has Coulson help him balance the accelerator with Captain America's Vibranium Shield. After Coulson leaves, Tony is able to use the particle accelerator to successfully synthesize Vibranium and builds the new Mark VI suit to go with it.

Confrontation at the Expo

As Tony and J.A.R.V.I.S. run tests on the new Vibranium Arc Reactor, Tony gets a call from Ivan Vanko which surprises Tony as Vanko is supposed to be dead. Tony has J.A.R.V.I.S. trace the call and Vanko promises to ruin the Stark family like Howard Stark ruined his family before hanging up. The call is only traced to Manhattan and seeing an article about Justin Hammer's demonstration at the Stark Expo, Tony realizes what Vanko is up to and puts in his new Arc Reactor which clears up his Palladium poisoning and dons the new Mark VI armor to stop Vanko.

Tony flies to the Expo where he tries to warn Rhodey wearing the War Machine armor about Vanko, but Rhodey believes him too late and Vanko takes control of the War Machine and the Hammer Drones remotely and uses them to attack Tony. Tony quickly takes to the air to lead the drones and War Machine away while J.A.R.V.I.S. unsuccessfully tries to restore control to Rhodey. Tony works to keep the fight away from civilians, saving a young boy wearing an Iron Man mask from a drone along the way. The drones and War Machine continue to chase Tony, but he manages to destroy the drones by tricking them into crashing into a giant metal globe. However, War Machine survives and forces Tony to crash in a dome.

Tony and War Machine battle with the Mark VI getting the worst of the fight until Natasha Romanoff makes her way to Hammer Industries and reboots the War Machine suit, restoring control to Rhodey. Romanoff also detects that Tony is no longer dying which shocks Pepper who hears the conversation. Tony and Pepper argue until Romanoff warns Tony of a massive amount of drones that are on their way. Tony quickly gets Rhodey up and warns him. The two make up then prepare to fight the drones together. However, while they are figuring out their positions, the drones arrive and Tony and Rhodey fight together, destroying many but end up surrounded. Realizing they're in danger, Tony orders Rhodey to duck then uses the Mark VI's one-time use lasers to destroy the remaining drones. Romanoff then warns them that something bigger is coming their way and Vanko arrives in a powerful suit. Even working together, Tony and Rhodey are unable to defeat Vanko so Tony has Rhodey fire his repulsor at Tony at the same time that Tony fires at him with Vanko in the middle creating a massive explosion that destroys Vanko's suit and defeats him. Vanko declares they lose and activates a self-destruct in his suit and all his drones. Realizing Pepper's in danger, Tony flies off to save her as Rhodey flies off to safety. Tony reaches Pepper in time to rescue her from the explosions and flies her to a nearby roof.


On the roof, Pepper decides she has had enough and resigns but Tony kisses her. She is pleased and they kiss again until Rhodey interrupts them. Rhodey makes fun of them and then flies off, telling Tony he needs to keep the War Machine for awhile longer as his car got destroyed. Tony refuses, but Rhodey flies off anyway. Tony and Pepper start a relationship afterwards.

Sometime later, Tony meets with Nick Fury about his participation in the Avengers Initiative. Fury has Tony read a file that states that while they want Iron Man, they don't want Tony because of the destructive tendencies he displayed while he thought he was dying. Tony contends that that was due to his physical and mental state at the time and he is trying to turn his life around now. Fury offers to hire Tony as a consultant but he refuses until he tells Fury he needs someone to present medals to him and Rhodey at an upcoming ceremony. Knowing who Tony has in mind, Fury promises to take care of it.

Tony and Rhodey are presented medals for their bravery by a reluctant Senator Stern who pointedly stabs Tony with the award, telling him how annoying "a little prick" can be.

Before The Avengers

After the incident at the Stark Expo, Tony immediately decides to close it, realizing that it was just a waste of time, and that he needed to focus more on other important matters such as managing his company, in which he resumed his position as CEO.

A few weeks later, he works on various projects such as improving the Mark VI's capabilities, by adding more weapons to it and heavily modifying the armor to have the ability to go on sub-aqueous journeys.

Not long after, he begins to work on the next version of his Iron Man armor, in which he directs his attention to a suit with more firepower, which leads to the creation of the Mark VII. An armor equipped with a variety of deadly weapons, such as Heat-Seeking Missiles, Air-to-Air Missiles and Ground-to-Ground Missiles, as well as a perfected Laser Weapon, based on the Mark VI's older "Turn and Burn" Laser Weapon, which can fire a concentrated laser beam at a target, but drains more power from the suit's Arc Reactor.

Although it's near completion, the Mark VII was still in it's prototype stage. It was still awaiting more upgrades, such as the "Spinning Rims", and had not yet been tested. Along with its unique deployment system that Tony developed himself.

While working on the Mark VII, Tony also planned to replace the energy used by the Stark Tower with "clean" Vibranium energy that he used, incorporate it into an Arc Reactor, and connect it to the building's electrical circuits, for it to be able to run on clean, reliable energy.

The Avengers (film)

Fixing the Stark Tower

Tony builds the Stark Tower and joins the Avengers in defending the world from Loki and the Chitauri army. He briefly battles Thor using the Mark VI and defends the Helicarrier from an attack by Loki and his minions. Tony saves the Helicarrier by restarting one of its engines, but the Mark VI is badly damaged in the process. After Phil Coulson is killed by Loki, Tony becomes determined to save the world and Phil finally earns his respect. Realizing Loki will launch his attack from Stark Tower, Tony travels there and confronts Loki, swearing that if they can't save the world, the Avengers will avenge it.

As the Mark VI is too badly damaged to do much battle, Tony dons the new Mark VII which is incomplete. Tony does battle with the Chitauri army and is able to help hold them off, but more keep coming through a wormhole Loki creates with the Tesseract. Nick Fury's desperate superiors launch a nuclear missile at Manhattan in a desperate attempt to stop the invasion.

Seizing the chance to both stop the invasion and save Manhattan, Tony flies the nuclear missile through the wormhole and into the Chitauri flagship, destroying it and disabling the forces on Earth. The Mark VII runs out of power and falls through the closing wormhole to Earth, but Tony is saved by the Hulk. Tony later repairs Stark Tower with Pepper and builds rooms for the rest of the Avengers.

Before Iron Man 3

Panic Attacks

After the Battle of New York, Tony starts to have panic attacks and no longer believes that the world is safe, now knowing there are Gods and Aliens out there, and that threat is imminent.

Creating the Iron Legion

In response to this, he builds more Iron Man suits to help in every kind of situation, in case another invasion on earth ensues. This causes friction with his now girlfriend, and current Head-Chief of Stark Industries.

Iron Man 3

Recalling the Past

Tony narrates about his story and explains how his personal life was destroyed. In the background the Mark VII, Mark VI and Mark V slowly explode one by one and Tony starts by recalling an event that happened way back in Berlin, Switzerland 1999.

In a flashback in the New Year's Eve of 1999, Tony attends a Science Conference in Berlin Switzerland and spends his New Year there. He books himself with his bodyguard Happy Hogan, in a hotel and later on meets a scientist paramour named Maya Hansen during the conference, whom he quickly develops a relationship with.

After the conference, he goes with Maya through the crowd together with his bodyguard, Happy Hogan as the people celebrate the incoming New Year. Happy tells him that it was only half an hour before New Year as Tony talks with Maya regarding the conference and her research. While passing by to go the hotel, he meets up with Physicist Ho Yinsen and Cardiologist Dr. Wu.

The two are honored to meet him, and Tony introduces himself to them while joking around. Yinsen tries to ask Tony if he could spend some time helping them with their research, but Tony holds the offer and ignores it after. When he leaves with Maya, Yinsen asks Tony if they could do it another time but Tony doesn't reply, and continues to go through the crowd into the hotel.

Upon arriving in the hotel lobby, he meets crippled scientist Aldrich Killian, who works for a privately funded think-tank called Advanced Idea Mechanics or A.I.M. for short, and is it's CEO and founder. Aldrich introduces himself to them as Tony and Maya enter the elevator. Aldrich is able to make the cut to the elevator despite it being nearly full, and Happy asks him where he would like to go. Aldrich replies to him with the "Ground Floor".

After, he tries to offer Tony a job in his think-tank and gives both Tony and Maya his contact cards. When Tony reaches his floor, he tells the others to go and then tells Aldrich that he's heard of his think-tank and is interested. He tells Aldrcih to meet him up on the roof later on, and Aldrich agrees.

Tony leaves the elevator and goes to his room. When there, he spends time with Maya and looks at her research. Happy then touches a sample plant injected with Extremis and breaks off some off the plants leaves. Maya immediately tells him to stop touching it and Tony tells Happy not to touch it as well. Happy questions why, and Maya just answers that she doesn't like it, and Tony agrees.

When they go into the bedroom, Maya tells Tony about her research. Tony is amazed at what she's created, - "A biological virus called Extremis, which hacks the brain's DNA center and is able to recode it. Allowing regrowth of limbs, increased strength and instant healing of any living organism."

Tony, who is amazed by Maya's Research, tells her that she's "The best woman he's ever met. In Switzerland." Maya is surprised, and then agrees to Tony when he said that she was the best woman in Switzerland. Maya then takes off Tony's glasses and wears it herself. Tony laughs and looks at her, and the two share a kiss.

With Happy closing the room door, Maya's sample plant suddenly explodes and after, Maya explains to Tony that, the resulting explosion was a glitch in her work. Tony is surprised with the effect and asks here of she's tried using an incentive to her Extremis, to which Maya questions what Tony just said.

Happy, unbeknownst to him that it was simply a glitch, runs to Tony and jumps on him. Protecting Tony, as he thought that there was bomb or an attack from the explosion. Tony reassures Happy that it was nothing and tells Happy to get off of him. Happy asks what just happened, and Maya tells him that it was just a glitch from her work. Happy helps Tony up and then the fireworks start exploding, with everybody celebrating New Year outside. The three then greet each other Happy New Year and Happy leaves the room saying Goodnight to Tony.

Tony and Maya then spend the rest of their time in the room, and later have sex over night. In the morning, Tony writes down the formula for an incentive on a piece of card taken from the conference, and leaves it on his table. He then leaves Maya in the room without saying any goodbye.

The Present and Iron Man

Thirteen years later Tony has long forgotten the events in Switzerland, and now lives with his girlfriend Pepper Potts, who has moved in into his house in Malibu, California.

In the present Tony works in his workshop as he plants 47 Microchips into his arm, that will attach to his nervous system. He is about to test the newly built Mark 42 and it's new prehensile technology. Tony asks Dummy how he got a hat with "Dunce" written on it, on him, in which Tony was the one who placed it there. He later karate chops a wooden stand then tells Dummy to clean up the blood on his floor mat and handle it.

He builds many more suits to fit the various situations that he feels might arise, with his latest suit being the Mark 42. He experiences panic attacks stemming from what he has learned is out there. This and his obsession with being Iron Man strain his relationship with Pepper.

A Severe Anxiety Attack

He is contacted by Happy who is taking his job as the new Head of Security for Stark Industries too seriously. Tony is jealous when he learns that Pepper is meeting with Aldrich Killian. He meets with Rhodey, who he has built a new suit, the Iron Patriot, for. Tony panics and flees in the Mark VII after New York is brought up.

After Happy is badly injured in an apparent attack by "The Mandarin," Tony issues a threat to "the Mandarin" and gives him his address to try to draw him out.

The Mandarin Strikes

After a fight with Pepper about leaving and having Maya Hansen shows up, Tony's house comes under attack by three helicopters sent by "the Mandarin." Tony helps Pepper escape then dons the Mark 42 to try to save his house.

Though Tony manages to take out two helicopters, the Mark 42's status as a prototype that was just being brought online limits his abilities and his house and first seven armors are destroyed as he is sent to the bottom of the ocean and believed dead. Tony survives and flies to Rose Hill, Tennessee which he had earlier determined was the location of an explosion similar to the one that nearly killed Happy. The Mark 42 runs out of power. After leaving a message for Pepper, Tony makes his way to a workshop to recharge the suit and befriends Harley Keener.

Finding the Mandarin

With Harley's help, Tony starts repairing the suit and investigates the explosion, coming under attack by Ellen Brandt and Eric Savin, who are enhanced by Extremis. Tony manages to kill Brandt and disable Savin even without his armor and heads off to locate "the Mandarin" with the help of a file given to him by the mother of the man who exploded. Realizing that A.I.M. is behind this, Tony calls Rhodey to get his log-in to the military and hacks into the organization to learn about Extremis. Harley and J.A.R.V.I.S. locate "the Mandarin" in Miami, but Tony panics when he learns that the armor might not be ready for him in the time limit he set.

Following advice by Harley, Tony builds makeshift weapons and makes his way into "the Mandarin's" home. The weapons are Ornament Bombs, Nail Gun, Electric glove, Tazor, and a Grappling Hook. Where he learns that "the Mandarin" is actually an actor named Trevor Slattery hired by Killian to create a cover for the explosions that his Extremis Soldiers create when their bodies reject Extremis. Tony is captured by Savin and taken to Killian who reveals he has captured Pepper and injected her with Extremis to force Tony to help him perfect it.

Tony is able to convince Maya to turn on Killian, but he simply kills her rather than release Tony. While being guarded, Tony's borrowed watch goes off and he tries to summon the Mark 42 and gets frustrated when it doesn't come. Finally, the right arm and left leg arrive and Tony is able to use its repulsors and guns from the guards to fight his way free before the rest of the armor arrives. Discovering Savin heading off in Iron Patriot, Tony tries to follow but discovers that the armor isn't charged enough. Meeting up with Rhodey, he helps take out two guards and confronts Slattery about where Pepper is.

Rescuing Air Force One

Slattery reveals what he knows including that the Vice President is involved somehow and where Killian's base is. As they have no way to get there, Tony and Rhodey take Slattery's speedboat and Tony calls the Vice President to warn him he may be in danger. Realizing from the Vice President's comment that Iron Patriot is with the President that the President is in danger, Tony charges the Mark 42 to 92% and then dispatches it, controlled by remote, to try to save the President.

Savin manages to destroy Air Force One and send the President to Killian in the Iron Patriot armor, but Tony kills Savin and saves thirteen people from falling to their deaths before the Mark 42 is broken into its component pieces by getting hit by a truck. Arriving at the location Slattery gave them, Tony orders J.A.R.V.I.S. to activate the "House Party Protocol"' and infiltrates the base with a nervous Rhodey who doesn't like the idea of Tony with a gun without armor.

The Battle At The Oil Rig

The two end up pinned down, but the rest of Tony's Iron Man armors, now the Iron Legion arrive to help, taking on the Extremis Soldiers. Donning an armor, Tony goes to rescue Pepper while Rhodey heads off to rescue the President. Tony battles Killian in several armors, but each is destroyed and Pepper apparently falls to her death. Finally, the repaired Mark 42 arrives and Tony tries to put it on, but fails as it falls to pieces after hitting a pole.

Desperate, Tony puts the armor on Killian and orders J.A.R.V.I.S. to cause it to self-destruct, apparently killing Killian while Tony escapes to the ground. Killian survives the blast and attacks, but Tony is saved by Pepper who survived due to her Extremis powers. The Mark VIII arrives and attacks Pepper due to her Extremis powers and Tony fails to stop the attack as he lost his earpiece, however, Pepper destroys the suit's Arc reactor, disabling it to Tony's shock.

New Beginnings

As Tony watches, Pepper kills Killian with a missile and a repulsor from the suit. Tony promises to help deal with Pepper's Extremis and orders J.A.R.V.I.S. to self-destruct the surviving Iron Man suits as a sign of his devotion to Pepper. Tony is able to stabilize Pepper's Extremis and as part of the new life he is building, undergoes surgery to have the shrapnel removed from his chest and as thanks to Harley, upgrades his workshop to match his own. Afterwards, Tony pitches his now-obsolete arc reactor into the ocean, but muses that he will always be Iron Man even without the suits.

Ending the Story

Later, it was revealed that Tony was telling the story to Bruce Banner, who fell asleep at the beginning of the story. Bruce wakes up and apologizes, Tony understands, but starts to tell a new story instead to Bruce.

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Raiding the HYDRA Base

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Tony's "Dark Vision"

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Completing the Mission

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The Battle of Sokovia

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Captain America: Civil War

Break up

Following the creation and destruction of Ultron which lead to the destruction of Sokovia after becoming Iron Man to combat HYDRA and Ultron despite previously retiring as an Avenger in the aftermath of the defeat of Ultron. Sometime after Pepper Potts left Tony due to the fact that he was still Iron Man despite his promise to stop.


When the Sokovia Accords were due to be signed, Tony was in favour of them still haunted by his creation of Ultron and the loss of life that had occurred while noting that if the Avengers did not sign, they would be viewed as villains for continually defying international law. While Steve Rogers disagreed, Rhodes, Romanoff and Vision saw Tony's logic and signed.

When Rogers, Wilson and Barnes were all arrested and brought to the JTCT headquarters, Tony managed to work out a deal with the United Nations to legalize their actions on the condition that they sign the Accords and obey the law. Much to Tony's frustration, Rogers refused to compromise and stormed off leaving Tony as the leader of the Avengers.

Clash of the Avengers

After Rogers and Wilson had helped Barnes escape the JTCT, Ross informed Tony that lethal force would be used to disable them. Tony managed to persuade Ross to delay the kill order for at least 36 hours to give Tony a chance to peacefully diffuse the situation. Romanoff pointed out to Tony that they were outnumbered by the renegade Avengers, Tony assured her they plenty of time to recruit people before flying off to the borough of Queens in New York City.

Having deduced that the "Spider-Man" was in fact Peter Parker, Tony went to his apartment to wait for him to return from school where he passed the time by flirting with May Parker. When Peter arrived, Stark persuaded him to trick his aunt into thinking that Peter had applied for a scholarship Stark was offering. Retreating to the young man's room, Stark was impressed by Peter's mechanical aptitude before finding his suit. Offering Peter a new one (and joking to tell Aunt May about Peter's hobby), Tony convinced the young man to aid him in Germany.

Donning the Mark 46, Tony and his team confronted Rogers once again offering him a final chance to surrender peacefully lest lethal force be employed against his party for aiding a wanted criminal. Rogers refused to surrender, sparking the Clash of the Avengers. Assigning targets to his team, Tony flew off to confront Maximoff and Barton stopping them in their tracks before Maximoff managed to pin him under several cars.

Freeing himself, he caught up with his team after Ant-Man had nearly killed them. Recognizing the single mindedness that drove Rogers, Tony was forced to call in Vision in the hope that the android's Mind Stone and logic could persuade the renegades to surrender. Stark's gambit failed when Rogers again chose to fight.

Tony briefly engaged Captain America in melee combat before Hawkeye fired an explosive arrow at his suit, doing no damage.

Later engaged Falcon before Hawkeye fired a scatter arrow at the Avenger leader. Easily destroying the projectiles, Tony prepared to stun Clint before the left repulsor failed. Discovering Ant-Man had infiltrated his suit, he ejected him with the suit's fire extinguisher from hundreds of feet in the air.

When it became clear that Tony would win the fight, Ant-Man became Giant-Man to buy Rogers and Barnes time to steal the Quinjet. Lang attacked Stark with an airplane wing, an attack the Mark 46 easily dodged, before Wilson fired the Redwing drone at Stark only for it to shatter on impact against the Mark 46.

Working with Spider-Man and War Machine, Stark managed to fell Lang but as the giant fell, Parker was sent falling to the ground. Quickly checking on the youth, Tony told him to go home or he would call his aunt before flying off to catch the hijacked Quinjet backed up by War Machine. The two armoured Avengers were pursued by Falcon and Rhodes ordered Vision to destroy Falcon's flight gear. The android miscalculated however and knocked out Rhodes' power source. Rhodes began falling from a great height and Tony was unable to catch him in time. Rhodes survived the crash and FRIDAY had already contacted the medics. Tony vented his anger on Sam blasting him in the face with a repulsor and ending the fight.

Assisting Rhodes

At Avengers' Compound, Stark turned Rhodes over to the doctors before revealing to Romanoff he blamed her for Rhodes' accident by letting Rogers go and that T'Challa had informed the United Nations of her betrayal. When she insisted Stark was wrong, he scoffed at her biases towards Rogers before commenting that betraying people was the only thing Natasha was good at.

Learning the Truth

En route to the Raft prison, FRIDAY informed Stark that she'd found proof of Helmut Zemo being behind everything. Annoyed that Rogers was correct, Stark sent the information to Ross before deciding to interrogate Sam Wilson. Although Ross did not believe Tony he allowed him to speak to the former Avenger.

While in the cells, Tony was mocked by Clint Barton who claimed everything was Tony's fault. Tony had zero patience for the man casually stating he should have thought his actions through before he did them, leaving the archer to stew in his cell. Scott Lang then attempted to insult Tony only for the billionaire to have no idea who Lang was or what he was talking about. Stark then managed to convince Wilson to tell him where Rogers had gone before he left for Siberia, withholding the information to annoy Ross.

Arriving at Siberian HYDRA base, Tony found the two super soldiers and agreed to a temporary truce to complete their mutual goal. Discovering that the five other Winter Soldiers were all dead, Zemo revealed himself stating that he had managed to lure Stark to the base after a year of planning as revenge against the Avengers for what happened in Sokovia. Here Zemo showed Stark that Howard and Maria Stark had not perished in a car crash but had in fact been assassinated by Barnes. Already enraged by the fallout of Rogers' actions, Tony snapped and attempted to murder Barnes.

Tony tried to force Rogers into submission but the captain refused to stay down managing to damage the suit's left boot and its targeting system. Trapping Rogers on a lower level, Tony attempted to target Barnes with a forearm missile. As he could not lock on, he opted to instead trap Barnes within the bunker. Overpowering the Winter Soldier in seconds, Tony tried to crush him under the Mark 46's weight before Rogers intervened sending the Avenger leader and his former teammate to main floor. Stating in no uncertain terms that he was done listening to Rogers he proceeded to overpower his former friend before Barnes intervened with Rogers' shield. Faced with uneven odds, Tony blasted Rogers at point blank range leaving him convulsing him pain for two minutes before Barnes forced him up against a wall.

Barnes tried to remove the Mark 46's main Arc Reactor only for Tony to simply unleash the Unibeam disintegrating Barnes' metallic limb before seemingly killing the man. A recovered and enraged Rogers stormed Tony unleashing a relentless assault of melee attacks. Fed up with Rogers, Tony ordered FRIDAY to scan Rogers' fighting style for patterns and weakness. Once she had done so, Tony caught and blew away Rogers' shield before brutally beating him down. Defeated, Rogers tried to appeal to Stark only for the Avenger to declare they were now enemies as a result of Steve's decisions. Giving his former teammate one last chance to stand down, which was refused, Tony prepared to kill him. A barely alive Barnes, grabbed the armor's boot only for Tony to break his nose. The distraction allowed Rogers to turn the tide of the battle, breaking off the Mark 46's helmet and damaging its main Arc Reactor. Reduced to the backups, Tony was unable to continue combat. As Rogers left, Tony mocked him that he'd succumbed to his darker aspects and the shield was Howard Stark's property. Heeding Tony's point, Rogers abandoned the shield and the identity of Captain America.

Picking up the pieces

Returning to the Compound, Tony developed technology that would allow Rhodes to walk again after his accident. While doing this, Rhodes assured Tony that he'd done the right thing in following the law before a mailman arrived with a package from Rogers. Within was a letter in which Rogers apologized for hiding the truth behind Tony's parents and assuring him that if he ever needed help, the other Avengers were but a phone call away. Ross then called Tony informing him of a situation at the Raft but Tony pretended to be busy and put the man on hold revealing his hate for the evil general.

Training Spider-Man


"Absolutely ridiculous. I don't paint."
―(Iron Man) Tony Stark to Christine Everhart while being interviewed.
"Handles like a dream!"
―(Iron Man) Tony when testing the flight capabilities of the Mark II.
"The truth is... - I am Iron Man."
―(Iron Man) Tony Stark revealing his super-hero identity to the crowd.
"Wake up. Daddy's home!"
―(Iron Man 2) Tony waking up J.A.R.V.I.S. in his workshop.
"You wanna be a War Machine?! Take your shot!"
―(Iron Man 2) Tony to Rhodey before blasting each other with their Repulsors.
"When they come, and they will, they'll come for you."
―(The Avengers) Tony Stark talking to Loki, about The Avengers foiling his plans.
"Sweetheart, that could be the name of my auto-biography!"
―(Iron Man 3) Tony Stark to Ellen Brandt.
"Merry Christmas buddy!"
―(Iron Man 3) Tony to Rhodey after the arrival of the Iron Legion.
"J.A.R.V.I.S., target all Extremis heat signatures. Disable with extreme prejudice."
―(Iron Man 3) Tony ordering J.A.R.V.I.S. to eliminate all the Extremis Soldiers using the Iron Legion.
"And so, as Christmas morning began, my journey was at an end. You start with something pure. Something exciting. Then come the mistakes, the compromises. We create our own demons. As promised, I got Pepper sorted out. Took a little tinkering. But then I thought "why stop there?" Of course there are people who say progress is dangerous, but then I bet none of those idiots ever had to live with a chest full of shrapnel. And now, neither will I. Let me tell you: that was the best sleep I had in years."
―(Iron Man 3) Tony Stark on the end of his old life and the beginning of his new one.
"So if I were to wrap this up tight with a bow and whatever... my armor? It wasn't a distraction, or a hobby, - it was a cocoon, and now, I'm a changed man."
―(Iron Man 3) Tony Stark about his life, and the start of a new beginning.
"They may take away my house, all my tricks and toys... but one thing they can't take away? - I am Iron Man."
―(Iron Man 3) Tony Stark, saying even without everything, he will always be Iron Man.
"Where did I lose you?"
―(Iron Man 3) Tony asking Bruce Banner on what part of his story he fell asleep in.
"It's the end... The end of a path I started us on."
―(Avengers: Age of Ultron) Tony to the Avengers.
"No. He's the boss. I just pay for everything. Design everything. Make everyone look cooler."
―(Avengers: Age of Ultron) Tony in the Avengers: Age of Ultron TV Spot 2.
""If we can't protect the earth, you can be damn well sure we'll avenge it."
―(The Avengers) Tony talking with Loki.
"And I... am … Iron Man"
―Tony's last words.

Other Media

Marvel's The Avengers: Iron Man - Mark VII

In Marvel's The Avengers: Iron Man - Mark VII, Tony appears as an interactive character that portrays and narrates the events that occured before and during each film in the Iron Man Franchise of the Marvel Cinematics Universe.

He first appears to make a log on how his Iron Man Armor was created. Tony begins with the Mark I.

Iron Man 3 - The Official Game

Tony Stark as he appears in the game.

In Iron Man 3 - The Official Game, Tony appears as the main character, in which he uses the armors the player has to play. Tony plays a role in narrating the story as the game progresses, while the player advances to the harder parts of the game.

He helps the player get through missions and levels while giving them rewards and objectives as the story goes on. Tony was voiced by Adrian Pasdar.


  • Robert Downey Jr. played the character's role throughout the whole franchise, including The Avengers.
  • Tony Stark is based on the character of the same name in the comics, which is set in the Mainstream Marvel Universe, also known as Earth-616.


  • Tony Stark is the first character to take place in the Marvel Cinematics Universe.
  • Before Robert Downey Jr. was officially cast as Tony Stark / Iron Man, Tom Cruise almost landed on the role.
  • He Doesn't Like being Handed Things as it is his biggest Pet Peeve


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