Armor Ideas

Reason I'm not starting with 43 or 44 is because of Bleeding Edge Armor and Godkiller armor

Mark 45: Voltage - Has generator powered by arc reactor, has electric blasters on upper part of wrist. Light-reflectant one-piece visor and heat proof armor. Black armor color, gold skin color. Yellow power color

Mark 46: Bounty - Heavy Mission suit, heat resistant armor and retractable/extendable mini gatling gun on right lower arm. Complex coloring. Right half is white skin and purple armor while left half is opposite, purple skin and white armor. White power color

Mark 47: Viking - Heavy Combat suit, heavy armor, machine gun over right shoulder, shotgun over left shoulder with grenade launcher attachment. Missiles hidden in shoulder plates and mini rocket-launcher in right wrist armor, in left wrist armor there is a hidden flamethrower. Lasers are hidden just in front of those. Grey armor color, silver skin color. Red power color.

More ideas coming!

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