Iron Man Wiki

Back after a while, I should introduce myself better.

My name is MUI Shaggy (I would change it, but I log in with gmail, so my password won't go through. You are welcome to call me Astronomy, by the way.)

What Have I been doing?

I started editing here about 2 years ago, (As of August 10th, 2021) and became a Mod around June of 2020, I believe.

I used to edit on the Fortnite wiki, but retired because of boredom.

Few months ago, I decided to start a wiki with my friend on a different account, but we forgot about it, and I haven't really been on fandom ever since.

I have not been on fandom much, and try to edit when I can.


Yeah yeah, I know. I've barely been on here. The man who's been editing here for 2 years, and has been trying to get admin for ages. Truth is, I've been busy as hell. Best way I can put it.

For the Future of this wiki, I can't exactly say what's going to happen going forward. We have active editors at certain periods of time who I believe will take good care of the wiki.

I can't promise that I'll always be here to take care of this place. Even if I was the owner, I can't control how busy I am. I can't always make time for this place. But I believe that other members will take better care of it than us mods.