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"Welcome back to the land of the living."
―(Iron Man 3) Rodriguez to Tony Stark over the phone.

Vice President Rodriguez was the former Vice President of the United States until he was caught and arrested for associating with A.I.M. under the leadership of Aldrich Killian.


Vice President Rodriguez is semi-bald and only has hair in the side of his head. He has only been seem wearing one clothing, which is his tuxedo, as well as when he removed his coat.


Rodriguez is a good-hearted person, as well as when he is doing his duty as the Vice President of the United States. Although good, he is willing to do anything to save his relatives lives for the love and care he has for them. This can be seen when he betrays the United States to side with AIM just to heal a little girl with a missing limb, who was one of his relatives.


Iron Man 3

Sometime in late 2012, Vice President Rodriguez had become an ally to A.I.M.since he wanted to help and give his daughter a new leg. He did anything he could to help A.I.M., including giving them the location of President Matthew Ellis at all times. Tony Stark and James Rhodes tried to tell Rodriguez information about A.I.M.'s plan to attack the president, but he told no one and kept it to himself.

Later, Tony Stark and James Rhodes discovered the Vice President's betrayal, so Rodriguez was arrested.



  • Daughter
  • Cousin


  • A.I.M.
    • Aldrich Killian 


  • Matthew Ellis - Ally turned Enemy
  • Tony Stark / Iron Man - Ally turned Enemy
  • James Rhodes / Iron Patriot - Ally turned Enemy


  • Rodriguez is first character to take the role of Vice President of the United States, in the course of the film franchise.
  • Miguel Ferrer is also the same actor who voiced Shan Yu in Mulan, and Silvermane in The Spectacular Spider-Man series.



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