The War Machine Armor Mark IV was the fourth armor used by James Rhodes during the Battle of Wakanda. It was created sometime after the Captain America: Civil War, as a more advanced replacement of the War Machine Armor Mark III, which was damaged by Vision at the Clash of the Avengers.

Armor Design

The War Machine Armor Mark IV features a bulkier design compared to its predecessors, sporting digital camouflage applied over the classic black/grey color scheme. The suit's design is most likely an improvement of the Iron Man Armor Mark XLVI. Featuring an advanced arsenal of wrist-mounted micro-cannons, micro-missiles, and a tri-barreled railgun, this armor's combat feats are unmatched by any of its contemporaries.

Armor Features


The suit is presumably constructed from an advanced Gold-Titanium alloy similar to other Iron Man armors. Improving upon the flaws of its predecessor, the armor's upper torso appears to have been reinforced with much thicker plates.

Collapsible helmet

The armor features collapsible helmet similar to ones used on Iron Man Armors Mark XLVI and XLVII. it was shown in the immediate aftermath of the decimation and during the attack on Thanos' farm.

Armor Capabilities

Superhuman Strength: The armor amplifies user's strength to extreme levels through use of an advanced exoskeleton similar to newer Iron Man's armors. Its strength was such that Rhodes was able to restrain one of Thanos' arms with minimal effort.

Superhuman Durability: The suit is capable of shrugging off extremely powerful strikes and blasts while being completely bulletproof. This was demonstrated during the battle of Wakanda when it withstood a hit from Cull Obsidian's chain-hammer and the resulting fall with little to no damage. the suit also remained operational even after being subjected to the power of the Space Stone.

Crippled walking support: Built in support systems to assist Rhodes while walking.

Flight: The armor features advanced flight stabilizers with additional thrusters in the shins of both legs as well as on the lower back.

Backpack unit: Backpack unit mounted on suit's back featuring repulsor wings for stabilised flight, missile mortar batteries and a chain railgun.

Self-Repair System: A integrated Self-Repair system that allows War Machine Mark IV limited recovery from heavy damage. The system allows easier recovery from the field or operator controlled movement with low to none combat capability.

Other Features


Repulsors: The armor features flight-grade repulsor foot thrusters and hand stabilisers for high velocity travel as well as if need firing a concentrated concussive plasma blasts.

Unibeam: Similarly to Iron Man suits the War Machine Mark IV features unibeam presumably on par to unibeam on Iron Man Mark XLVI and XLVII armors.

Micro-Cannons: Two pairs of micro-cannons carried over from War Machine armor Mark III. on the armor's upper and lower forearms for increased firepower.

Micro-Missiles: Two pods of Micro-Missiles mounted on armor's shoulders and two mortar-based arrays in the backpack unit.

Micro-Bombs: Micro-Bombs stored in the backpack unit, notably used to bomb outriders that managed to bypass Wakanda's energy barrier.

Tri-barreled Chain Railgun: Tri-barreled electro-magnetic cannon, powered by the Arc reactor, capable of a high rate of fire while giving unprecedented level of stopping power over the predecessor's back mounted weapon, since rounds fly at hyper-velocity (Mach 5 and higher). The sheer kinetic energy produced by their impacts can destroy most targets without requiring explosives. The Railgun is stored in the backpack.


  • In the original script of Infinity War, Rhodes (suffering from PTSD after his fall in Captain America: Civil War) was present during the battle of Edinburgh by remotely controlling War Machine Mark IV armor from the Avengers Compound, alongside Bruce Banner inside Hulkbuster Mark II (seen in holo-projection). In the original Infinity War script it was meant to be destroyed and replaced by War Machine Mark V in the battle of Wakanda. [1]
  • The original armor concept also did not feature a backpack unit which was reserved and taken from War Machine Mark V armor. Instead, the suit was to be equipped with a quad-barreled Gatling cannon (seen in the gallery. Concepts provided by Phil Saunders).


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