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The War Machine Armor Mark VI is the sixth armor used by James Rhodes. It appears in Avengers: Endgame.

Armor Design

The War Machine Mark VI features sleeker design compared to its predecessors, the overall design bears significant resemblance to War Machine Mark III. The armor has 8 Micro-RTs besides main Arc reactor, in the chest providing power. Unlike previous War Machine Armors the suit does not incorporate Micro-Cannons, instead it relies on Wrist-Mounted Micro-Missile Launchers.

Armor Features


The suit features the classic Gold-Titanium Alloy armor plating.

Collapsible Helmet

Like its predecessor The War Machine Mark VI features a collapsible helmet for clear vision.

Armor Capabilities

Superhuman Strength: The armor amplifies user's strength to extreme levels using advanced exoskeleton similar to War Machine Mark IV.

Superhuman Durability: The suit is capable to withstand extremely powerful strikes and blasts while being completely bulletproof. It was incapacitated by Sancutary II's energy cannon blasts and collapse of Avengers Upstate Facility.

Crippled walking support: Built in support systems to assist Rhodes while walking.

Extreme flight: The armor features advanced flight systems and stabilizers for high-velocity flight.

Back Mounted Railgun: Tri-Barreled Railgun mounted on the back of the suit with auto-targeting system.

Quantum Tech Mode: The Armor can switch between standard and Quantum-Tech Suit mode allowing it to traverse both in quantum realm and time vortexes allowing it to travel between different points of time and different timelines. Feature requires integrated Time-Space GPS for the function to work properly.


Repulsors: Advanced version of repulsors is present in the palms and boots of the armor to allow for high-velocity flight as well as suit's new primary means of attack.

Unibeam: A more powerful version of the hand repulsors mounted on the chest.

Back Mounted Railgun: Like War Machine Mark IV the suit features tri-barreled electro-magnetic cannon mounted behind the right shoulder. The railgun features auto-targeting system.

Micro-Missiles: Like previous War Machine Armors the suit features Micro-Missiles in its shoulders. Additionally instead of Wrist-mounted Micro-Cannons The War Machine Mark VI features Micro-Missile Launchers.


  • The suit's desgin sketch was approved late in post-production period. As Phil Saunders moved to Rise of Skywalker, Rodney Fuentebella took over and finished the back view and final details.


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