The Whiplash Armor Mark I was the first armor created by Ivan Vanko for his plan of revenge against Tony Stark.

Armor Design

The overall design of the armor is basically an exoskeletal structure, with most of Vanko's Torso and Arms exposed.

It possess Plasma-Powered Whips that are attached to the Exoskeleton's Arm that serves as his main weapon.

Armor Capabilities

Plasma-Powered Whips

The armor possesses Powerful Whips that are extremely strong. They cut in half Race Cars and destroy the Mark V's plating in Iron Man 2. These whips depend fully on the armor's Arc Reactor and will shut down if the same is disconnected of the suit.


Iron Man 2

Ivan Vanko created the Whiplash harness using his father's blueprints for the Arc Reactor and his own proficiency in engineering. He used this armor to try and kill Tony Stark at the Circuit de Monaco; however, he was defeated by Stark in his Mark V armor. After defeating Vanko, Stark removed the Whiplash harness's arc reactor and crushed it, rendering the harness useless.

Vanko later used his earlier schematics along with resources available to him through Hammer Industries to create the new Mark II while working on the Hammer Drones. S.H.I.E.L.D. later claimed what was left of the armor and it was studied by a group of scientistsThis section is under development. Information will be placed here soon.


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