The Ziran Armor Armor, was an armor that appeared in the Iron Man Comics of the Marvel Comics Universe, that was published and created by Marvel Comics.

Armor DesignEdit

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What If? Newer Fantastic Four Edit

When Ziran the Tester of The Celestials was murdered by Thanos via the use of The Infinity Gauntlet, The "Newer" Fantastic Four (Iron Man, Spider-Man, Wolverine and The Hulk) brought Ziran's arm through their modified Negative Zone portal where Tony Stark and Bruce Banner (who had been permanently separated from his Hulk persona by Thanos) could study it.

After learning that The Celestials controlled their armor via sheer willpower and thought alone, Tony managed to adjust the armor to respond to Human thought, linked it to The Negative Zone using Mr. Fantastic's technology and took control of the armor (which became more "Iron Man-like" in appearance).

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Vast Cosmic Powers with no known upper limit. Armor able to withstand planet shattering impacts with ease and Armour able to withstand strikes from nuclear warheads. Not even the most powerful Celestials could disrupt the solar system from their seats. A single host has the power to threaten all the pantheons of gods in a planet. In fact, a single Celestial possesses the power to withstand attacks from three Skyfathers at the same time completely unfazed, including Odin, who was literally capable of shaking multiple planes of existence during his fight with Seth. Potentially even more powerful than the Godkiller Armor Mark II, another of Stark's armor that was capable (And was even designed to) to take down a celestial.

  • Vast cosmic powers: Being part Celestial, the armor is essentially able to do whatever a Celestial can.


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